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(So He’s Ian (5)

“I can’t, baby… There’s not enough time. Mommy’s break ends in half an hour.”

“Mommy, aren’t you the vice director? You’re the boss… You don’t need to be so strict on yourself…”

“That’s not right. Mommy has to follow the rules too. Otherwise, how can I set an example for the others?”

“Alright, alright, we’ll continue then…don’t be jealous!”

“Okay, go eat, tell Uncle Su to drive you girls back home after you eat.”

After she hung up, Little Bean pouted…

Pudding reached out her hands. “100 yuan, hand it over.”

Little Bean begrudgingly took out a 100 yuan bill and placed it into her sister’s hand.

“What did I tell you? Mommy won’t come. She would never put work aside because of a meal.” Pudding looked absolutely certain.

“I thought that… since Mommy’s now the vice director of the hospital… she would be less hard-headed… Who knew…” Little Bean was utterly disappointed with her mommy.

Su Yu laughed. “It’s impossible for your mother not to be hard-headed. I’ve known her for so many years… She’s still the same stubborn person…”

“Then why are you so suicidal? Why do you still like her?” Little Bean stared at Su Yu and asked.

“I…” Su Yu was completely taken aback by Little Bean’s question.

“It’s because Mommy’s different from the others… That’s why he likes her. If she were a dime a dozen, garden variety tramp found on every street, he wouldn’t even look at her. You know nothing… This is the value of scarcity…” Pudding emphasized.

“Alright, I give up… You girls win… I’m actually speechless.” Su Yu looked down at his food and continued to eat in silence.

“Oh, yeah… Sis, since you’re so smart, figure something out for us… What kind of person is that psychotic killer?” The city-wide case seemed to be of high interest to Little Bean.

Pudding kept eating sushi, completely unfazed. “Nobody of importance died so I’m not interested in analyzing the case. Who cares? As long as it has nothing to do with the people around us.”

Fine… you’re too good for this again… You’re seriously exactly like Daddy…” Little Bean’s burning interest was instantly put out.

“Handsome Su… I heard that there’s a woman chasing after you at your company recently?” Little Bean did a complete 180 and turned her focus to Su Yu.

“Ahem, ahem… where did you hear that from?” Su Yu almost choked.

“Brother An never makes things up. So it’s probably true…” Little Bean instantly sold An out.

Su Yu looked back, grazing An’s poker face with his icy gaze…

An looked up and down, left and right, basically anywhere to avoid Su Yu’s terrorizing glare…

“So what’s going on? It’s not someone like that bimbo, Jian Tong… right?” Little Bean asked.

“It’s completely untrue. Don’t listen to his nonsense…”

“Handsome Su, I’m telling you, stop attracting bad romances. The problem is, you’re not the only one that gets into trouble. Every one of these women causes trouble for my mommy… She’s very innocent…” Little Bean aired out her grievances for her mommy.

“Stop it right there. We will no longer discuss this topic. I didn’t treat the two of you to sushi for you to bombard me, alright?” Su Yu laughed.

“She’s the one bombarding you… not me…” Pudding emphasized.

“Sis…what do you mean by that? Are you no longer on my side?” Little Bean looked towards her sister.

“I was never on your side. Please… don’t drag me down with you.” Pudding looked totally serious.

“Oh yeah, I haven’t seen much of Tang Chuan recently. He’s always busy when I ask him to drink. Isn’t he chasing after your auntie? Is he going to your home a lot?” Su Yu asked.

“No… Not only are you not seeing Uncle Tang, our auntie’s never around for us either… Not sure what they’re so busy with… Who knows, maybe we’ll end up with a little brother or sister soon…” Little Bean guessed.

Su Yu almost choked on his sushi…

“So… your auntie’s not planning to go back to the U.S?” Su Yu asked, curious.



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  1. I pray Mian is safe

    I'm really scared and worried about her safety


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