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(So He’s Ian (14)

“No rush. We can tell the waiters to start serving the dishes first. We’ll eat while we wait,” Qin Ning suggested.

“Yeah. We can do that. Can you go tell the waiter that they can start serving the dishes? I’ll go and give Yu a call…” Then Tang Chuan stood up to call Su Yu but Su Yu wasn’t picking up.

Su Yu was driving a convertible with the roof opened. Despite traffic regulations, the twins sat together in the front passenger seat. Although it was disallowed for ordinary people, Su Yu was no ordinary person. Every traffic police officer knew Su Yu and no one dared to go against him.

While they were waiting for the signal to turn green at the intersection, Su Yu looked over and saw two male foreigners carrying a young girl by a bar. They went on a black Ford.

Su Yu’s brows slightly furrowed. He saw the news on television so he knew about the recent murders.

He was suspicious when he saw foreigners with a young woman so he wanted to go check the situation. However, the twins were in his passenger seat so he wasn’t going to take the risk of anything bad happening to them.

Just when Su Yu put out the thought of checking that situation out, Tang Chuan called. Su Yu disregarded the call.

“Handsome Su, what are you thinking?” Pudding asked.


“The light turned green. Why aren’t you going?” Little Bean pointed ahead.

“Oh… I’ll go now…” Su Yu continued to drive forward and soon enough, they arrived at First Class Royal Palace. Su Yu carried both Pudding and Little Bean.

They saw some familiar faces at the entrance. They were all his rich friends and some of their lady friends.

When they saw Su Yu, they all greeted him politely.

Young Master Su, you’re eating here too?”

“Yeah,” Su Yu said with a nod.

“If you have time, why not join us… It’s Kai’s birthday today and everyone’s celebrating with him…”

Thanks but I’m meeting up with friends upstairs. Enjoy.” Then, Su Yu walked upstairs with the twins in his arms.

“Are those two… Young Master Su’s kids? They’re such a cute pair of twins…” some girls in the crowd started gossiping as they were unfamiliar with Su Yu.

“Young Master Su isn’t married yet. Can you use your brain a little?”

“People nowadays can have kids even if they’re not married! Who said you can’t have kids before marriage?” one of the girls refuted.

“Even if that’s the case, those two children are not Young Master Su’s… He just likes their mother. Whatever… I shouldn’t comment too much on this. Young Master Su has a bad temper and he gets mad when people gossip behind his back. Let’s drink. Cheers…” The men were cautious of talking about this topic, even though they found it amusing, as they were scared of Su Yu.

By the time Su Yu and the twins arrived, everyone was present already.

“What the hell… I thought you travelled through time when driving or something. You could have gone back and forth twice in 40 minutes. What happened, Yu? It’s not like you to be late…” Tang Chuan said as he looked down at his watch.

“Uncle Tang, it’s not Handsome Su’s fault. We’re late because I had to finish one more episode of the drama…” Little Bean immediately explained.

You little brat… Why would you want to watch a drama? Here, come, come… Sit down. Let’s eat…” Tang Chuan waved his hands, gesturing for everyone to dig in.

Su Yu sat in between Tang Chuan and Wei Liao while the twins went flying towards their parents.

Pudding was a bit quicker so she was able to sit on Qin Chu’s lap.

Little Bean hugged Huo Mian’s arm and started to act cute.

Huo Mian spoiled Little Bean a bit by putting her on her own lap. She said to Little Bean, “Little Bean, what do you want to eat? Mommy will get it for you.”



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