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(You Are Like a Dog In Front of Ian (7)

“Dissociative identity disorder?” Huo Mian looked over at Mo Xue’er and asked to confirm what she had just heard.

“You might not know. Haha… What’s most scary about Huo Siqian isn’t how brutal he can be but how he has two personalities. There are two distinct souls in his body. We know one of them but the other one, which we don’t see, is like a devil…” Mo Xue’er said with a serious face.

“So what does that have to do with me?” Huo Mian looked indifferently at Mo Xue’er.

“Weren’t you investigating his crimes? So you know how Jiang Linyue, Song Yishi, and even Wang Shasha’s deaths are linked to him…”

“Miss Mo, I think you’ve mistaken me for the police. I’m not that curious about Huo Siqian. Who Huo Siqian killed has nothing to do with me. Also, whether or not he has dissociative identity disorder is not my problem either.”

“Aren’t you afraid he’d hurt you or even your precious daughters?” Mo Xue’er furrowed.

“I trust that my husband will protect us. Miss Mo, you should worry about yourself first. After all, you have done plenty of things to anger him… It’s all karma,” Huo Mian said with an icy tone.

“Haha, Huo Mian, I finally know why Huo Siqian loves you so much. It’s because… you’re just like him. At your core, you’re a cold-blooded animal… Although you speak of kindness, you’re just a selfish hypocrite…” Mo Xue’er scoffed.

“Miss Mo, you don’t need to raise me up so high. I never said I speak only of kindness. I am no saint, and I do not seek a good reputation out there. I do things only for those I care about. For those who have nothing to do with me, I honestly don’t care how they think.”

Then, Huo Mian walked away.

“Huo Mian, you’ll regret this. If you don’t get rid of Huo Siqian, sooner or later, he will destroy your family…” Mo Xue’er shouted.

Mo Xue’er had no other paths left, so she wanted to force Huo Mian to take action. But to her dismay, Huo Mian couldn’t appear to care less and was unwilling to do anything.

Mo Xue’er firmly believed that Huo Siqian was liable for what happened to Xiang Xin. She believed that she was his next target.

That was why she called Huo Yanyan, hoping that Huo Yanyan could make a decision quickly so that they could take action.

She thought that it wasn’t a choice anymore whether or not to get rid of Huo Siqian but a necessity.

Xiang Xin’s brutal death proved Mo Xue’er’s point.

It was possible that Huo Siqian was only making an example out of Xiang Xin.

The Xiang Family had protected Mo Xue’er for a long time now, so Mo Xue’er thought it was extremely weird on how Huo Siqian took no action against her.

Now, Xiang Xin’s brutal death was like a landmine, triggering the beginning of a complicated story.

After hanging up the phone, Mo Xue’er went back to the patient room. Mr. Xiang was now awake.

“Mr. Xiang, how do you feel?” Mo Xue’er walked over with swollen red and teary eyes and asked, pretending to be very concerned.

“My Xin-Xin…” Mr. Xiang was full of sorrow. It was no joy seeing your own child die before you.

His brows furrowed and his hands trembled. All he could do was utter Xiang Xin’s name with a sobbing voice.

“Mr. Xiang, I think Huo Siqian is the one behind this. We can’t just sit here and do nothing. We have to retaliate or else he will just think that we are easy to bully and do more damage. He’d destroy us and probably the whole Xiang Family. I know his methods too well. He must have known how much you loved Xiang Xin so he chose to attack your weak spot…” Mo Xue’er tried to stir up Mr. Xiang’s anger.



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