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(Devil's Means (2)

However, when Mo Xue'er turned around, no one was there…

It was 12:30 AM and she had been losing sleep, especially after what happened at the Xiang Family. Mr. Xiang was still hospitalized, and no one had time to arrange Xiang Xin's funeral.

Too scared to keep staying at the Xiang Family, she thought the hospital was the safest place to be at the moment. Not only did she have bodyguards, there were also so many people at South Side that the bad guys probably wouldn't pick the hospital to do things, or so she thought.

Feeling anxious, Mo Xue'er threw her cigarette onto the ground and smeared it with her foot. Then, she rushed back towards her room.

She quickly arrived outside her room door; her bodyguards immediately went up to help a huffing and puffing Mo Xue'er.

"Miss Mo, are you alright?"

"I'm fine," she waved her hands. "Did you guys see anyone suspicious just now?"

"We didn't see anything." One of the bodyguards shook his head.

"Okay, thanks…" Mo Xue'er, still terrified, opened the room door and walked in. Mr. Xiang was still sleeping; he still had an oxygen mask over his face. When he first heard that his youngest daughter, Xiang Xin, had died, he suffered from a severe heart attack and almost died.

After being sent to South Side, he crashed twice. Although the doctors got him back eventually, he was still in critical condition.

The truth was, Mo Xue'er wanted Mr. Xiang to live – she wasn't done using him yet. Once Huo Siqian was dealt with and she left the country, she wasn't going to give a crap about the Xiang Family.

She relaxed a little as soon as she went back in. Climbing into her bed, she took out her phone and sent Huo Yanyan a WeChat message.

"Have you made a decision? We don't have much time yet."

She waited for a while but Huo Yanyan never responded; she was probably asleep.

Feeling drained, Mo Xue'er wanted to wash her face but at this moment, her room door was pushed open, and in came a small-figured nurse with a mask on her face.

"Miss Mo, I need to give Mr. Xiang his medicine now…"

"Mhm, go ahead." Mo Xue'er nodded without suspicion, and the nurse quickly injected some kind of fluid into Mr. Xiang's IV with a long needle.

Mo Xue'er, not looking at either of them, was heading towards the washroom when she felt her neck go numb. It felt as if she was injected with something.

After the initial pain on her neck, she quickly became unconscious…

The nurse took off her mask to reveal a pretty face. She had blond hair and blue eyes. As she left the room, neither of the bodyguards paid much attention to what was under the cart she pushed.

Morning soon came, peacefully and quietly.

When Huo Mian came to work that morning, however, South Side was blocked up countless police cars.

"What's wrong now?" Huo Mian muttered to herself with confusion. Then, she saw Gao Ran walk out of the hospital wearing a grim expression on his face.

"What happened, Gao Ran?" she asked.

"Mr. Xiang died last night."

"He died? How?" Huo Mian asked with surprise.

"He was murdered… someone injected poisonous gas into his oxygen mask and he died almost immediately."

"What about Mo Xue'er? Wasn't she taking care of him?" Huo Mian asked.

"She's missing…" Gao Ran's replied dejectedly.

"Missing? How's that possible?" Huo Mian was now more confused than ever by everything that had happened over the past few days.

"It's weird, right? We don't even have a lead on Xiang Xin's death and now, Mo Xue'er's missing. I guess that's the end of my days as director…" Gao Ran's head hurt at this thought; it was literally only yesterday that he asked his people to protect the other members of the family and today, Mr. Xiang was found dead in his bed.

Moreover, South Side was always bustling with people, which meant whoever murdered him had to be experienced and courageous.

"Did you guys pull up the surveillance cameras from last night?"

"Yeah, but the same thing happened, someone tampered with the tapes again and we couldn't find anything useful… Mr. Xiang's dead and Mo Xue'er's missing… Could it be that Mo Xue'er murdered Mr. Xiang and ran away…" Gao Ran analyzed out loud.

"What… about Huo Siqian? Is he a suspect?" Huo Mian asked slowly.



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