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(Arrival of the Devil (8)

“Your daddy isn’t such a petty person. Also, Uncle Su is your daddy and mommy’s good friend, okay?” Qin Chu looked like a true gentleman.

He was not the petty type that would suspect his wife of a questionable relationship with another man.

“Oh! My dad is the best! You’re such a gentleman! I love you…” Little Bean gave Qin Chu a big kiss on the face, making Qin Chu very happy.

“You’re such a kiss ass. Now go make Mommy happy too or she might give you a hard time when we go back tonight…” Pudding teased.

“Mommy won’t. I did it so that Daddy could prove his love and trust to Mommy. I’m helping her!” Little Bean said cleverly.

“Kids these days sure are amazing…” Mrs. Su praised when she heard the twins’ conversation.

Then, Mrs. Su told the maid to bring out dinner.

The dishes at the Su Family were always very delicate and delicious, yet also healthy.

A habit had been formed in the Su Family and that was whenever Huo Mian came over for dinner, they would always prepare seafood.

Huo Mian was always very thankful as the Su Family was attentive to such a small detail.

“Mian, eat more. You have to go work at the South Side now. It must be tough work so you have to eat more and get more nutrition… This sea shrimp is very nutritious…” Mrs. Su put some shrimp in Huo Mian’s bowl.

Everyone enjoyed the dinner conversation.

“Chu, would you care to play a game of chess with the old man?” Grandpa Su asked. He seemed to be in a very good mood.

“Grandpa, what about me?” Su Yu was a bit jealous.

“Your chess skills… I’d rather play with Pudding or Little Bean. It’s actually hard to beat them,” Grandpa Su chuckled.

Su Yu: “…”

“That’s boring! I don’t want to play that. Handsome Su, why don’t we play cards after dinner. Let’s play ‘fighting the landlord’. You can be the landlord while Pudding and I try to beat you. How about that?” Little Bean laughed evilly.

“Why don’t you be the landlord…” Su Yu teased back.

After dinner, Qin Chu played chess with Grandpa Su, just as he promised. Since Grandpa Su was a very old man, he got tired very easily and was led back to his room to get some rest.

The twins played excited around while Huo Mian, Yang Meirong, and Mrs. Su arranged flowers.

Qin Chu suddenly craved for tobacco. When he wanted to go out to the backyard to have a cigarette, Su Yu said to him, “Let’s chat.”

“Okay,” Qin Chu responded briefly.

The two men walked over to the back of the Su Mansion where there was a window. Su Yu took out a packet of cigarettes from a luxury brand and handed a cigarette to Qin Chu.

Then he put one in his mouth and lit both up.

“When are you and Mian going to have your wedding?” Su Yu asked directly.

“I don’t know. We’ll see…” Qin Chu responded directly.

“Are you afraid that Huo Siqian will do something during the wedding like last time?” Su Yu conjectured.

“Yeah.” The look in Qin Chu’s eyes turned solemn. He was probably the person that wanted to give Huo Mian a grand wedding the most but he knew that as long as Huo Siqian was alive, their wedding would not go smoothly. Something bad would happen so he would rather postpone the wedding until they took out Huo Siqian.

“Qin Chu, let me help you. You didn’t do anything to him lately so I’m guessing you aren’t sure you’re going to win. What that b*tch Mo Xue’er did was good though, because she paved out a nice path for us… I think if we work together, we can defeat Huo Siqian in a blink of an eye.” Su Yu was the person who most dreaded to see Huo Mian and Qin Chu’s wedding but when he recalled how disappointed Huo Mian looked earlier in the night, he was determined to talk to Qin Chu about it…



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