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(You Are Like a Dog In Front of Ian (8)

“Huo Siqian, I will seek revenge till my last breath!” Mr. Xiang now firmly believed that Huo Siqian was the one responsible for his daughter’s death.

The lawyer team of the Xiang Family contacted the police right away so that the police could thoroughly investigate Huo Siqian and sue him for murder.

Mo Xue’er even had a big fight with Gao Ran in the hospital, scolding the police for not being effective.

“You are paid from our taxes but what are you good for? She’s dead now. Why aren’t you investigating her death? We already told you that Huo Siqian is the number one suspect. Why haven’t you arrested and questioned him! Why are you still here doing nothing?” Mo Xue’er shouted.

Gao Ran loathed Mo Xue’er’s condescending attitude but could only respond politely, “Miss Mo, please be more careful of your choice of diction. We police too are only human and not gods. I think you’ve watched too much soap opera to think that we are superhumans like Conan or Di Renjie. We place high importance on finding the murderer of Miss Xiang but we cannot do it in such a short amount of time like you desire. Please do not make it excessively difficult for us. Police work is based on evidence. Do you have any evidence that Huo Siqian killed Miss Xiang?”

“Of course, he doesn’t have to do it by himself. He has tons of underlings. Why would he do it himself? But he’s definitely the one to blame! He has a motive. Xiang Xin is a young girl without a boyfriend so she most definitely was not killed by her lover. The Xiang Family doesn’t have any enemies so she was not killed by an enemy. That leaves only one suspect – Huo Siqian!” Mo Xue’er firmly believed that Huo Siqian was the one that killed Xiang Xin.

“Someone was murdered. We cannot arrest someone for murder just because you say so. We will continue our investigation and if the evidence leads us to Huo Siqian, we will for sure do Miss Mo justice,” Gao Ran said with a serious tone.

“Whatever, I don’t believe in the police! Last time when Song Yishi was killed, you guys made Huo Mian and Qin Chu Huo Siqian’s scapegoat. You police were played in circles. I won’t count on you people! I’ll figure it out my way!” Then, Mo Xue’er turned around and walked towards the patient room.

Gao Ran was extremely frustrated…

Just then, Lin Mingyu walked over. He was still wearing his white gloves and reeked of Formalin.

“Director Gao…” Lin Mingyu greeted Gao Ran politely.

“How was it?”

“The time of her death was between 2 AM to 3:30 AM. The cause of her death was from the cut of her wrist. Her hand tendon was cut and she lost a lot of blood. This is an incredibly horrific way to kill someone. The murderer drained all of her blood and I think he did it with purpose. Also, the victim was gang-raped, evidenced by her lower body being wounded terribly. However, I was unable to find any traces of semen. This case is not the doing of one individual but a group, and they are extremely experienced. They were also very careful not to leave any clues…” Lin Mingyu analyzed the situation after carefully dissecting the body.

“F*ck!” Gao Ran was so frustrated that he kicked the wall in the hallway.

He was the director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. Someone committed such a horrendous murder right under his watch. To Gao Ran, this meant that someone was announcing war with the police.

“What are we going to do now, Director Gao?” Lin Mingyu asked.

“When you’re done investigating the body, return it to the Xiang Family so they can give her a proper funeral… This case is carefully watched by the media and my bosses. I’ll thoroughly investigate who’s behind this. I’m going to go back to the Municipal Public Security Bureau now to see what other clues we have.”

Then, Gao Ran walked away with agony. Surprisingly enough, he bumped into Huo Mian.

“Huh? Gao Ran, you’re here?” Huo Mian looked at him with surprise.



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