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(You Are Like a Dog In Front of Ian (2)

Then, Mo Xue’er took out a little black bottle from her purse that was the size of her index finger.

“Why should I believe you?” Huo Yanyan obviously didn’t trust Mo Xue’er enough to feed whatever was in the bottle to Shen Mingxi.

“Simple. You’re friends with Huo Mian, no? You can ask her to test the contents of this bottle, and she’ll tell you it’s not lethal. Trust me, I only suggested this because as careful as Huo Siqian is, he might suspect you and refuse to drink it. But if Shen Mingxi drinks it as well, he won’t suspect anything. All you have to do is feed him the compound, and even if something happens in two weeks, no one will suspect you.”

Huo Yanyan didn’t say anything after listening to Mo Xue’er’s rant, but the truth was, she was hesitant towards refusing. Although this woman was cruel and vicious, this was a pretty good way to get rid of Huo Siqian.

“From what I know, you’re the only person left in the Huo Family. Once Huo Siqian dies, the Huo Corporation will be yours again and then, you’ll be able to marry Shen Mingxi without the big gap in social status, and the Shen Family won’t look down on you. You’d be killing two birds with one stone, Huo Yanyan. Why are you still hesitating?” Mo Xue’er continued to try to brainwash Huo Yanyan.

“I’m curious, don’t you love Huo Siqian? Why would you do something like this to him? What if you guys are working together to get rid of me?” Huo Yanyan glanced at Mo Xue’er face.

Upon hearing this, Mo Xue’er smeared her cigarette into an ashtray and laughed dryly. “Haha, love? The one thing I regret the most in this life is falling in love with him. He’s betrayed me and we’ll never go back to being what we used to be… only if one of us dies will the other truly be free. However, I don’t have the guts to kill myself, so I’d rather if he died instead. Love is nothing in front of us… We’ve been together for so long that the words ‘love’ and ‘hate’ don’t cover my emotions anymore. Anyways, I thought about it for a while before coming to you, you can choose to trust me and we can get rid of him together, or you can choose not to trust me and think of another way… But you would’ve given up a great chance to kill Huo Siqian.”

The more Huo Yanyan listened to Mo Xue’er, the more it seemed like the latter wasn’t lying. Her expression dimmed. Everyone in their circle knows about Mo Xue’er and Huo Siqian, so why would she lie about this?

“Think about it, and get back to me tomorrow. We don’t have much time, they’re meeting next week. If you agree, then we can start next week…”

“Okay, let me think about it.” Huo Yanyan took the black bottle from Mo Xue’er and nodded. Then, she got off the Porsche, and Mo Xue’er immediately left.

Huo Yanyan was still hesitant as her hand tightened around the little black bottle. She wanted Huo Siqian dead, but she wanted to take it slowly and ruin his reputation. Then, she would steal the Huo Corporation back and humiliate him.

She really never thought about feeding Huo Siqian something that would eventually kill him. Huo Yanyan had never had any thought of doing something this malicious. Therefore, she wasn’t sure what to do.



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