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(Are You Hiding Something From Me? (8)

“It’s fine. If he doesn’t want it, I won’t say anymore. It’s getting late now, we should continue our hunt. I feel rather empty inside if we waste such a good night…” Ian finished his last piece of almost-raw steak and slowly got up.

“Goodbye, Master…”

“I’ll stay a few more days here. It’s rather interesting.” Then, Ian turned around and left the mansion.

Huo Siqian was rather unrattled. He knew that Ian was going out again to hurt innocent girls.

However, that wasn’t what he cared about. What he cared about was Huo Mian’s safety.

He didn’t know how much Ian knew about Huo Mian.

He also didn’t know where Ian got that picture from…

The more Huo Siqian thought about it, the grimmer he looked.

At the Huo Residence, Huo Siqian’s five most trusted subordinates lined up in front of him.

“Boss, what’s the rush to gather us? Is there something important you want to tell us?” one asked.

Huo Siqian didn’t speak but rather continued fidgeting with a sharpened swiss knife.

“Ian’s here…”

“Master Ian? The leader of that terrorist group?” All five of his subordinates were shocked.

Yeah. Ian came here for a purpose for sure. There’s no way he’s just traveling for fun, nor did he come here to seek revenge for me against the Xiang Family and Mo Xue’er. That’s why I gathered you all here to ask you guys which one of you is most familiar with Ian?” Huo Siqian looked up and glared at his five subordinates with an icy look.

His subordinates had goosebumps after Huo Siqian looked at them like that.

“Boss, what do you mean? Even you don’t normally see Master Ian so how would we see him. Also, we don’t even know what Ian looks like, if they’re a guy or girl, skinny or fat, round or flat,” Cheng, Huo Siqian’s oldest follower, said.

“But how did he even know about Mian and how I felt for Mian? Unlike how the whole world knows that Su Yu likes Mian, only me, Mian, and you guys know that I love her.”

“Boss, are you suspecting us of betrayal?” His subordinates were now terrified.

“You guys have followed me for the longest time. You know how I work. I won’t hurt your family. Whoever did it, just stand up and confess like a man. I won’t make your family suffer. If you don’t though, don’t blame me for what I am about to do.” Huo Siqian glared at them with an icy look.

No one said anything.

“So you all won’t admit it, eh? Then don’t blame me for heartless…’

“Boss, please investigate this thoroughly, because… Maybe Master Ian just wants to sow discord among us… We have been through life and death with you. We all have killed for you. We would never betray you, so please don’t wrong us brothers…” Cheng stated his opinion passionately.

“I’ve given you guys a lot of money, right?” Huo Siqian suddenly said.

They all didn’t utter a word…

“You were all just thugs before but now you all have mansions and sports cars. Some of you even have multiple wives… I don’t think I mistreated you. But Ian should have never found out about Mian because she is my weakness and you all know that. Why did someone still inform Ian? Did you think Ian would give you some sort of rare promotion? Do you even know who Ian is and how terrifying he can be?” Huo Siqian shouted.

His five subordinates all looked down and remained silent…

“This is your last chance. Are you going to admit it or not?” Huo Siqian said angrily.



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