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(Arrival of the Devil (19)

“It’s not that…”

“Then what’s with the face?”

“I…” Huo Yanyan wanted to respond but couldn’t. She felt a complicated surge of emotions.

“What’s wrong?” Shen Mingxi asked worriedly as he looked at Huo Yanyan’s face.

“N-nothing, let’s eat…” Huo Yanyan smiled before lowering her head and going back to her meal.

That evening, after arriving home, Shen Mingxi and his assistant were called back to his family company.

Therefore, Huo Yanyan gave her daughter a bath and tucked her into bed. Tiantian fell asleep quickly, drained from walking around all day.

Huo Yanyan looked at her phone, wondering if she should send Huo Mian a WeChat message. The last time they talked was during Ni Yang’s wedding.

Huo Mian had treated her well. Although Huo Siyi later died in prison, Huo Yanyan decided that she didn’t want to blame it on her. However, now that she was rich again and was dating Shen Mingxi, her heart felt emptier than ever.

She had no friends and no family – her brother died, and her mother had disappeared. Her friends all hid away, afraid that they might be implicated.

Now that she thought of it, Huo Mian was technically the only friend and family she had left.

Huo Yanyan quietly clicked into WeChat and was just about to message Huo Mian when she saw a new friend request. Curiously, she clicked it open to see who it was – the requestor’s name as ‘Xue’

The requestor’s profile picture was a photo of Mo Xue’er.

After a slight moment of hesitation, she accepted the friend request, and before she could ask who it was, ‘Xue’ messaged her.

Xue: “Are you Huo Yanyan?”

Huo Yanyan: “Yes.”

Xue: “I’m Mo Xue’er.”

Huo Yanyan: “The celebrity?”

Xue: “Yeah.”

Huo Yanyan: “Can I help you?”

She knew how arrogant and condescending Mo Xue’er was. A person like her would never add someone for no apparent reason.

Xue: “Would I be messaging you otherwise?”

Huo Yanyan: “So what do you want from me?”

Xue: “Let’s talk face to face. I indeed have something important to talk to you about.”

Huo Yanyan: “Right now?”

Xue: “Why? Not convenient? You’re worried Shen Mingxi won’t approve?”

Huo Yanyan frowned slightly. “Don’t drag him into this. I’m the only one home and my daughter’s sleeping. I can’t just leave.”

Xue: “Then I’ll go and find you. I’ll park downstairs and we’ll talk. It’ll be fast.”

Huo Yanyan: “How about another day? What’s the rush?”

It was obvious that Huo Yanyan didn’t want to meet up with Mo Xue’er. She was a smart girl and knew that Mo Xue’er, like Song Yishi, wasn’t a simple character. So, she didn’t want to be pulled into her mess.

Xue: “What if I said I wanted to talk to you about your revenge plan. Would you be more interested?”

Huo Yanyan: “What are you talking about?”

Xue: “Give me your address. I promise not to take up too much of your time.”

After hearing the word “revenge”, Huo Yanyan thought for a couple of seconds and sent Mo Xue’er her home address.

Mo Xue’er messaged her again thirty minutes later. “I’m downstairs in the red Porsche, license plate number 2212.”

Huo Yanyan: “Okay, I’ll be right down.”

Then, she threw on a black winter jacket that went down to her ankles and ran downstairs without even changing out of her pajamas, gently closing the door behind her.

As expected, a red Porsche was parked downstairs waiting for her. She checked and the license plate number was indeed 2212.

Huo Yanyan slowly walked up to the car and Mo Xue’er opened the passenger door.



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