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(So He’s Ian (6)

“Who knows… Grandpa is already super angry. If Auntie doesn’t go back now, Grandpa will send bodyguards to take Auntie back…” Little Bean predicted.

Su Yu laughed and said, “Looks like Chuan is going to be busy now…”

In some cafe, Tang Chuan and Qin Ning were having a date.

Qin Ning sat down while Tang Chuan went to buy himself and Qin Ning a coffee.

Tang Chuan was very considerate of Qin Ning, helping her add both sugar and milk to her coffee.

“Ning-Ning, you don’t seem to be in a good mood today. What’s the matter?”

Tang Chuan realized that Qin Ning spoke a lot less today.

“Um… Tang Chuan, I might have to go back to the States…”

“Okay…” Tang Chuan nodded. Then he opened a packet of white sugar and poured it into his own coffee.

“So you’re just going to say okay?” Qin Ning wasn’t feeling too satisfied with Tang Chuan’s response.

She felt that Tang Chuan didn’t care about her since he only responded with one word. She thought it was unfair that she was the only one that was sad about this.

“What else can I do? Should I start crying…?” Tang Chuan chuckled.

“Hmph… So me leaving doesn’t mean a thing to you…” Then Qin Ning stood up and was about to walk away.

“Huh… Ning-Ning, where are you going?”

“I don’t want coffee. You can have it all to yourself.”

“Oh come on, Master, stop. Sit down and let me explain, okay? What’s the hurry. You really don’t have any patience at all, eh?” Tang Chuan pulled Qin Ning by her elbow and made her sit back down.

“Fine. Talk…” Qin Ning gave Tang Chuan a stem look. She even turned her head sideways so she wouldn’t have to look at Tang Chuan.

“Didn’t you see that I was busy making coffee when you told me that? That’s why I didn’t give you a good response. What I really meant was that I would never happily let you go back to the States but there’s nothing I can do about that. After all, you are an executive at your company and the only daughter your father has. That’s why I knew that sooner or later, you’d have to go back, right?”

“So?” Qin Ning’s face became even darker.

“That was why I was thinking we should go somewhere before you leave… That way, no matter if you’re going back to the States or going to England, Italy, or France, I’d always feel safe…” Tang Chuan held up his coffee cup and blew on it to cool it down a bit. Then he took a sip to see if it was still hot or not. Only when he tested the coffee to be a drinkable temperature did he hand it over to Qin Ning.

“It’s not hot anymore. Here, drink this…” Tang Chuan passed the coffee over but Qin Ning was not in the mood to drink coffee. All she could think about was what Tang Chuan said.

“Tang Chuan, what do you mean? I’m going home already. Where are you going to take me?” Qin Ning furrowed.

“The Civil Administration Bureau…” Tang Chuan said with a serious face.

“Why would we need to go to the Civil Administration Bureau?” Qin Ning wasn’t able to put the picture together that quickly.

“To get married of course…”

“Get married?” Qin Ning finally realized what Tang Chuan meant.

Tang Chuan picked up his own cup of coffee and carefully blew on it.

“What’s with that face? Isn’t the goal of our relationship to get married or were you just playing with me? Ning-Ning, I haven’t been so committed and deeply in love with a person for a very long time. Are you going to abandon me?” Tang Chuan said with puppy eyes as he was starting to tease Qin Ning.

“No, I didn’t mean that. But getting married is a serious and big thing. It’s no joke for sure…” Qin Ning just found everything too sudden. She did not know how to respond.

“So you just don’t want to marry me, right?” Tang Chuan pouted and made a sad face.

“Ahhh… No. I just think it’s too sudden. I’m not ready yet…” Qin Ning was extremely confused with the whole situation.

“But I’m ready, Ning-Ning, listen to me. As long as we get married and we are certified, we’re husband and wife by law. No matter who opposes or says bad things behind our backs, they won’t be able to destroy our relationship. Isn’t that such a perfect solution?” Tang Chuan said with a sweet smile.

“But… I…” Qin Ning didn’t know how to respond.



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