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(Are You Hiding Something From Me? (6)

“Even the FBI can’t do anything to you, Master, of course these idiots can’t touch you…” Huo Siqian said politely.

Very soon, Huo Siqian’s personal chef brought out the steaks.

Ian’s steaks were cooked blue so it was still very bloody.

“Is this overcooked?” Ian said after seeing the steak.

He immediately took out his handgun and shot a bullet at the chef. The old chef immediately fell to the ground.

Huo Siqian didn’t even blink. He simply continued to eat his steak.

Huo Siqian’s steak was also blue and he could still taste the blood in his mouth…

“The steak’s texture isn’t fresh enough… I’ll treat you to some fresher steak next time…” Ian said with a smile.

Deep inside, Huo Siqian wanted to throw up really badly.

“My bro says he misses you… How long has it been since you last went back to see him?” Ian said casually as he cut his steak.

“It’s been really busy at work lately so I haven’t had time to go back… How is Master Nalo?”

“Same old… That brother of mine is still gay. Oh yeah, you’re still not married yet. If you don’t like women, then why don’t you get together with my bro. After all, he loves you very much.”

“Master Ian, thank you for your compliment but I don’t think I can…” Huo Siqian had a smile on his face and you could not see any changes in emotions through his expressions.

“You don’t have any feelings for that woman you just killed right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to smile and eat steak here with me now…” Ian’s words seemed to be probing Huo Siqian.

“Yeah. I have no feelings for her.”

“Then it seems like the rumours about you are real…” Ian put down his utensils and looked inquisitively at Huo Siqian.

“What is this rumouring that you are talking about?” Huo Siqian stopped his hands and looked up at Ian.

“According to my sources, there is a girl you have always loved…”

When Huo Siqian heard this, his heart immediately stopped…

“I heard that this girl is one of your little sisters…”

Huo Siqian was petrified by this news. This was what he was most afraid of – Ian finding out about Huo Mian.

“And this girl…” Ian paused and stared Huo Siqian in the eye. “Huo, are you hiding something from me?” he asked.

“No, Master, why did you ask such a question?” Huo Siqian faked a calm look.

“I just feel like there’s something important that you’re hiding away from me.”

“Definitely not. You might have been overthinking, Master. I would never dare to do such a thing…” Huo Siqian was rather rattled by now because he did not know how much Ian dug up.

“Fine. Let’s not talk about this now. Let’s talk about that girl you like. Is she pretty?” Ian asked with a smile.

“I…” Huo Siqian didn’t know what to say because he was afraid to talk about Huo Mian in front of Ian. He was deeply scared that Ian the devil would hurt her.

Suddenly, Ian brought out a picture and held it up in his hand. “Are you shy? Okay, I’ll be more direct then. Is this girl in the picture the girl you like?”

It was a picture of Huo Mian when she was still in university. She had a high ponytail and was holding a book on her university campus. It was a sunny day. She had a sweet smile on her face and looked very young and active.

“Master, how did you…?” Huo Siqian was shocked to see this picture. That picture was part of Huo Siqian’s private collection, how did it appear in Ian’s hands.




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