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(You Are Like a Dog In Front of Ian (6)

“Drain her blood…” the man said and tossed a knife onto the ground.

Then, he walked away with the glass in his hand.

At that instant, Xiang Xin felt as if something exploded inside her mind.

– At 4 AM in the Xiang Residence –

“Old Master! I have bad news! Terrible news!” The security guard came running from outside, knocking hard on Mr. Xiang’s door.

The commotion woke up Mo Xue’er and Mr. Xiang, who were sleeping together.

“What is it?” Mr. Xiang woke up in a daze, not in a good mood.

“Miss Xin, she… she…” the security guard didn’t seem to be capable of delivering the news.

“What happened to Xin?” Mr. Xiang asked.

“You should go see for yourself…” the security guard said with trembling fear.

Mo Xue’er also woke up from her dreams and said to Mr. Xiang, “Mr. Xiang, let’s go and check it out.”

The two quickly got changed. Then, Mo Xue’er helped Mr. Xiang go out.

When they came out, Mo Xue’er and Mr. Xiang were dumbfounded by the sight.

“What in the world happened?” Mo Xue’er’s eyes opened as wide as possible as she had never witnessed anything to this degree in her life.

In front of the Xiang Residence was a black coffin without a lid.

Inside the coffin was Mr. Xiang’s daughter, Xiang Xin. She was lying in the coffin in a snow-white dress. She looked like she was just sleeping.

However, her face was pale and her arms were crossed in front of her chest.

She was freakishly pale, and there was no hint of blood below the skin. It was an extremely grotesque scene.

“Someone come! Hurry! Save my daughter! Send her to the hospital…” Mr. Xiang shouted with agony.

“Elder Master… Ms. Xiang is already… dead…” the security guard said.

Mr. Xiang suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest and fainted.

“Mr. Xiang… Mr. Xiang… Someone! Hurry and call an ambulance!” Mo Xue’er was now even more shocked by the scene.

The police and ambulances didn’t clear out of the Xiang Residence until 8 AM.

The media all came to interview the people at the Xiang Residence to see what truly happened.

Mr. Xiang was hospitalized at South Side while Xiang Xin’s body was moved to the South Side too by the police so that forensics could investigate the crime.

When Huo Mian came to work, she saw Lin Mingyu – someone she had not seen for a while.

She felt rather awkward seeing him because she had once used him to her advantage.

“Good morning Doctor Huo. Oh, no… I should call you Deputy Director Huo now…” Lin Mingyu actively greeted Huo Mian.

“Hello Doctor Lin. What brings you here?” Huo Mian asked with a slight surprise on her face.

“Someone was murdered last night and her body is here. Director Gao ordered me here to check out the body.”

“Murder?” Huo Mian asked with shock when she heard the crime.

“Yeah. The victim is the daughter of the Xiang Family. She was only 20. How she died was rather terrifying. All of her blood was drained out… and she was like a mummy when she was found. Also, it looks like she was gang-raped before death as her lower body was ripped open… She must have suffered terribly… Director Gao has already formed a Major Crimes Unit to investigate this case as people in power care a lot about what happened to her…”

“Who would do such a disgusting thing…” Huo Mian thought that such a malicious murder had nothing to do with herself.

Huo Mian went on to check her patients when she bumped into Mo Xue’er in the hallway. Mo Xue’er was calling someone and her emotions seemed rather unstable.

“Let me tell you that this must have something to do with Huo Siqian. Only Huo Siqian could do such a disgusting thing. Can you stop hesitating and just do it? If we wait any longer, we’re both dead meat! He already killed Xiang Xin! That’s his way of showing who’s in power to me and Mr. Xiang…” Mo Xue’er concluded that Huo Siqian was the person behind this murder.

When Huo Mian heard this, her initial reaction was denial as Huo Siqian was not a person that would drain all the blood from a young girl despite how brutal and vicious he could be sometimes.

Mo Xue’er turned and saw Huo Mian. Then she hung up…

Huo Mian didn’t intend to engage in a conversation with Mo Xue’er so she continued her way.

“Huo Mian, did you know Huo Siqian has dissociative identity disorder?” Mo Xue’er suddenly asked.

When Huo Mian heard this, she stopped right in her tracks…



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