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(Arrival of the Devil (16)

“It seems like no matter what happens, you still refuse to put away your temper… you’re still as vicious as you’ve always been…” Shen Mingxi faintly said.

“So what if I am? You still married me. Huo Yanyan may be your cup of tea right now but at the end of the day, she’s still a dirty little mistress… We may be divorced, but your parents will never let her in your family… After all, she’s just a bitch who knows nothing more than to prey on another woman’s husband…” Wei Ying became more emotional by the second, and it seemed like she was about to erupt.

“Ying-Ying, let’s go…” Her friend wanted them to leave, but Wei Ying refused profusely, “Why should I go? I’m not the one who made a fool of themselves, why should I be afraid of this dirty couple! Our family isn’t one they can walk all over.”

“Look at yourself… you should go to South Side and seek treatment from Dr. Huo of the Neurology Department.”

“What do you mean, are you calling me crazy!” Wei Ying growled, but Shen Mingxi was ready to leave. He held Tiantian by the hand. “Let’s go.”

“Stop right there, Shen Mingxi, how can you do this to me! How can you use me and cast me aside! You’re such a scumbag, I don’t know what I was thinking back then! I’m telling you, you’ll be met with an ugly end!” Wei Ying cursed at Shen Mingxi as the latter walked away.

By this time, it seemed like the entire shopping mall had stopped to watch the show.

Shen Mingxi suddenly stopped in his tracks, turned around, and glanced at Wei Ying with disappointment. “Wei Ying, our family doesn’t need your family to maintain our status in the first place. You married into my family because our parents go way back, and I didn’t care who I had to marry as long as it helped the family business. It was for mutual benefit on both our ends, so stop saying things like I used you… The truth is, you’re not worth using… Our city is packed with rich socialites, I didn’t have to marry you, but I did. So seriously, you should stop blaming others but rather, reflect on your own actions.”

“I’ve always been like this! You cheated on me while we were still married and fell for that bitch, Huo Yanyan. You were the one that should reflect on your actions!” Wei Ying blamed Shen Mingxi as despair filled her entire body.

Just then, Huo Yanyan walked out of the bathroom. She was wearing a beige dress and her hair was tied up in a ponytail. The hint of maturity in her posture made her much more beautiful than she used to be back when she was spoiled and rich.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” She panicked when she saw a group of people huddled around her daughter and Shen Mingxi.

“Mommy…” Tiantian immediately ran up to Huo Yanyan and hugged her. She pointed at Wei Ying. “That scary woman is here again, I’m terrified of her…”

Only then did Huo Yanyan look up to see who her daughter was talking about. Her expression faltered when she saw Wei Ying’s face.

“Hey everyone, this is the dirty mistress who ruined my marriage! My husband and I wouldn’t have gotten divorced if it weren’t for her! Come and take a look at her true colors!” Wei Ying’s temper flared up again at the sight of Huo Yanyan, more unwilling than ever to let them go without a fight.

“Wei Ying, enough!” Shen Mingxi scolded icily.

“Was I wrong? That b!tch cast a spell on you, that’s why you’re always protecting her!” Wei Ying snapped back.

At this them, the crowd began talking and discussing amongst themselves.

“Tiantian, don’t be scared, go to Uncle Shen, okay? I have something to say.” Huo Yanyan gently pushed her daughter towards Shen Mingxi, and she then slowly walked up towards Wei Ying.

“Ying-Ying, let’s go, it’s better to let things slide than to cause trouble,” Wei Ying’s friend persuaded.

Wei Ying, however, threw her friend’s hand off her own. “Why should I be afraid of that bitch? I’m the young mistress of the Wei Family, she doesn’t even have a family she can rely on!”



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