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(Arrival of the Devil (6)

The adults all laughed when Su Yu asked this…

It was the first time that he felt so embarrassed. His face and ears turned bright red.

Huo Mian gave a gentle cough in response to the awkwardness in the air.

“Handsome Su, can you stop that look you have at Mommy? It looks like a wolf preying on a sheep…” Little Bean asked with a laugh.

Su Yu: “…”

“Little Bean, stop the nonsense. Stop teasing your Uncle Su,” Huo Mian restricted Little Bean from any further comments.

“Um… Thank you for the present, Su Yu,” Huo Mian thanked Su Yu.

“Don’t worry about it. I wanted to buy one for Little Bean and Pudding so it was just really convenient to get one for you too…” Su Yu scratched the back of his head and said in a mumbling tone.

Suddenly, An said from the back, “No way! Pudding’s and Little Bean’s qipao altogether wasn’t even half the price of President Huo’s…”

“And you should shut up right now…” Su Yu immediately turned around and glared at An to shut him up.

“An, how much… was mine?” Huo Mian looked at An and asked.

“Hey, Huo Mian! Who directly asks how much a gift is? It’s very impolite, you know?” Su Yu didn’t seem to be willing to tell Huo Mian the price.

“An, don’t worry. We’re like family… You can be honest with me,” Huo Mian continued to ask An.

“An… um… Since President Huo asked, you can tell her the truth…” *Cough, cough* Su Yu kept coughing to remind An of his position because he was scared that An would be stupid enough to tell Huo Mian the truth.

If Huo Mian knew the price, she would definitely not accept it.

An was in a very difficult position right now. He was in between President Huo and President Su; both were his old bosses.

They both treated him well. More importantly, he never lied once in his life.

Now that President Su wanted him to lie for him, An didn’t know what to do.

After three seconds, An said, “Huo Mian, your dress is approximately 180,000 Yuan.”

Huo Mian: “…”

“That’s so expensive…” Huo Mian slowly shut her eyes. She knew the moment Su Yu bought something, he never looked at the price tag.

“It’s not that expensive. If you compare it to those tailored gowns from luxury brands, this one is cheap… Those gowns can easily go up to a couple hundred thousand yuan,” Su Yu chuckled and tried to comfort Huo Mian.

Huo Mian didn’t say anything. It was a good thing though, because if she said she was going to pay Su Yu back, then the atmosphere would be very awkward.

Huo Mian turned around to make tea for Grandpa Su and the others and did not dig deeper into the price of her qipao.

Su Yu walked over to An. He pointed at An’s nose and lowered his voice to scold An, “Are you trying to get yourself killed? I already gave you hints to lower the price…”

“I already lowered the price. You paid over 190,000 Yuan for just the tailor… That’s why I said 180,000…” An said in an innocent tone.

“You…” Su Yu didn’t know how to respond to An’s witty response.

The twins and Huo Mian’s qipaos were worth approximately 300,000 Yuan.

An average family couldn’t even make that much money in five years…

Su Yu was not stingy with money. However, other than on her birthday, Huo Mian would rarely accept gifts from Su Yu.

She and Qin Chu had often bought expensive gifts for the Su Family because she didn’t want to owe Su Yu anything.

When they were having tea, Mrs. Su suddenly asked, “Yu, why didn’t you get Mian a red qipao as well? I actually like brighter colors…”

“Mom, only old people like red. Red doesn’t suit her age. She’s also not a bride, so why does she need to wear bright red? That’s just scary…” Su Yu said without too much thought.

Mrs. Su suddenly remembered something so she asked Huo Mian, “Mian, why don’t you and Qin Chu have a wedding? You guys never got divorced so shouldn’t you have a wedding now to compensate for the one you never had four years ago when you guys got married? After all, a wedding is a woman’s most important and most beautiful day in her life…”



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