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(Are You Hiding Something From Me? (3)

“Oh… Huo… Siqian… So… it really was you… Hahaha…” Mo Xue’er uttered in an extremely weak voice. Even her laughter sounded like she was in utter despair…

She knew Huo Siqian would come after her. She just didn’t expect that he would be so brutal in his ways.

Huo Siqian didn’t say anything. He simply looked at Mo Xue’er with deep eyes.

“Huo, I heard this woman teamed up with the Xiang Family to frame you… Have you become more lenient? Why haven’t you done anything yet?”

“I’ve been busy with work so I haven’t gone after them yet. Hehe…” Huo Siqian smiled.

“I knew that, so I did it for you. How do you feel? Are you happy?” Ian asked.

“Yeah, I’m happy.” Although Huo Siqian said he was happy, deep inside, he wasn’t happy at all.

“There are around ten or so more lives left at the Xiang Family. I’ve already ordered them all to be killed by tonight.”

Huo Siqian was shocked and immediately responded, “It’s okay Master Ian. Mr. Xiang and his daughter are dead already. We can just leave it like that…”

“No… We need to be more firm in our reactions. Don’t you Chinese have an ancient saying? If the roots are not removed during weeding, the weeds will grow again when the winds of Spring blows. I just don’t want our efforts to be wasted…” Ian was always very brutal with his ways.

He would not let anyone off the hook, even if they were elders of babies.

He did not know what sympathy was.

Although Huo Siqian was a ruthless person, he would not kill one’s whole family. That was why he felt uncomfortable when he heard Ian say he’d kill everyone in the Xiang Family. However, there was no way he could persuade Ian to do otherwise.

“Huo Siqian, you’ll go to hell! If you do this, you will drown in hell!”

Mo Xue’er thought Ian and Huo Siqian were a team so she continued to curse Huo Siqian.

“She’s so annoying! You two over there, go and cut her tongue out…” Ian commanded as he sipped on the red liquid.

When Mo Xue’er heard this, her face sunk…

Ian’s subordinates walked towards Mo Xue’er…

They would always abide by their boss’ orders.

Huo Siqian could no longer sit tight and do nothing so he stood up and said, “Master Ian, there are some old scores I have with this woman. Can I go talk to her first?”

“Of course you can. I captured her for you. You can do anything you want to her…” Ian said casually. To him, Mo Xue’er was just like a small little ant for him to play with. He didn’t care about Mo Xue’er’s life at all. All Ian cared about was the pleasure.

Huo Siqian walked over before Ian’s subordinates and grabbed her by her hair.

“I didn’t expect to see you like this…” Huo Siqian slowly uttered. He saw that her face was covered with so much blood that she was no longer recognizable.

“Hehe… I might have been too nice to you. I should have killed you a long time ago. But that’s fine, because now you can kill me. Only one of us could live… There had been too much between us in this life, maybe death will be the only thing that can set me free,” Mo Xue’er said in a desolate tone.

Before Huo Siqian could say anything, Ian’s subordinates said with a cold face, “Master Ian said she can’t die so easily… We still have a lot of things we have to do to her before she dies.”

When Huo Siqian heard this, his expression did not change.

He slowly let go of Mo Xue’er’s hair and caressed her bloody face.

From her current looks, no one could have thought she was once a famous Chinese star with a delicate face.

“Xue’er…” It seemed like it had been a long time since Huo Siqian had uttered her name so gently.



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