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(Devil’s Means (1)

Huo Siqian didn’t make a sound. He put the cigar under his nose and sniffed it. No one knew what was going on in his head…

– Municipal Bureau, Interrogation Room –

The waiters at the bar and Xiang Xin’s friends from that night were all called in for questioning.

“When was the last time you saw Xiang Xin?” Gao Ran asked.

“Last night, we were drinking at the bar and she arrived a bit late. She was in a bad mood… She was complaining about her dad’s mistress,” the girl recollected memories from that night.

“Then what happened?”

“There was a foreigner at the bar that seemed to be interested in her, so we told her to go talk to him… and she did. She drank something at their booth and left with him.”

“Did Xiang Xin know who he was?”

“No, none of us did. He was really good looking, so we couldn’t help it but feel attracted to him.”

“Do you remember what the man looked like?”

“It was really dark so none of us saw his face clearly. Plus, foreigners all look alike… I can’t be sure. Oh, right, the bar should have surveillance cameras, can’t you pull up the footage from last night?” the girl suggested.

“Someone tampered with the surveillance cameras, everything was deleted.”

“What? That’s so weird…” The woman was now scared to her core. “Please investigate thoroughly. Xiang Xin died such a brutal death, you have to catch the murderer… If that foreigner really did it, you can’t let him free!”

“We will deal with this accordingly, don’t worry.”

That morning’s interrogation ended in vain. The only thing the waiters and Xiang Xin’s friends remember was that the suspect was a foreigner, but no one knew what he looked like. Plus, he was wearing a cloak that covered most of his body and the bar’s lights were dimly lit.

“Should we ask the customs for entry records?” one of Gao Ran’s subordinates asked.

“It’ll be useless, they knew they weren’t going to be caught if they had the guts to do something like this.” Gao Ran put his hands on his waist and sighed.

As expected, an officer under him spent a while there and the customs couldn’t give them anything useful.

“Should we call all the foreigners in the city in for questioning to eliminate suspects?”

“There’s just too many, are you really going to call them all in? Before we even finish the next person would have died. It’s not going to work…” Gao Ran immediately rejected this suggestion.

“What should we do then, sir? The provincial government is putting pressure on us to find the murderer…”

Everyone at the bureau was busying about because of this case, but there were no leads so far.

“I think we should start from the beginning. The fact that Xiang Xin was murdered meant that the murderer wasn’t interested in money nor sex. Not only did he kill her, he even put a coffin outside the Xiang Family. Why did he do that?” Gao Ran asked himself.

“He’s provoking the Xiang Family…” A quick-witted policewoman interrupted.

Gao Ran nodded. “The murderer did this to show up the Xiang Family… It almost means that this is just the beginning, the next victim may be someone living under their roof as well. You guys, keep a close eye on the other members of the Xiang Family, whether it’s the elder or children… Make sure nothing happens to them.”

Gao Ran had a feeling that more would happen in the near future, so he decided to take action right away.

– Midnight, at the corridor in the hospital –

Mo Xue’er could fall asleep, so she went to a secluded hallway and lit up a cigarette. As she smoked, she suddenly saw a shadow that seemed to be lurking behind her.

“Who is it?” She turned around cautiously.



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