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(Ni Yang’s Grand Wedding (30)

“Xixi, take a good rest. Mr. Qin and I are planning to meet up at the hot spring hotel with our family. After three days of IV, you will be able to leave the hospital. I reserved a suite for you guys at the hotel and you and Rick can find us there. Ni Yang’s wedding is on the eighth and I’m hoping that you two will be able to attend. The more, the merrier after all.”

“Oh, sounds good! Thank you, Sister Mian.”

“You’re welcome. If you guys need anything here, contact me whenever. Just focus on taking good care of yourself. Don’t think about other stuff, just relax and let Rick take care of you,” Huo Mian instructed repeatedly.

“Okay.” Xixi nodded continuously.

Huo Mian looked at Rick. “You won’t leave her alone, right?”

“No,” Rick said seriously.

“Okay, take good care of Xixi and contact me anytime.”

Huo Mian packed her stuff, drove to the company to do some paperwork, and returned to South Hill Manor to fetch something.

Then, she left C City with the New Year commodities that Su Yu bought her and the bodyguard and headed towards the hot spring hotel to meet up with her family.

– At South Side’s VP ward –

“Eat some apple slices.” Rick passed the plate over.

“I don’t want to.”

“Apples are good for you.”

“In what way?” Xixi raised her head to look at Rick.

Rick thought for a long time and answered in a serious tone, “Your skin can get whiter.”

Xixi immediately burst into laughter.

“What you are saying is that people who have dark skin are like that because they never ate an apple? Does that mean that Africans never eat apples in their whole lives?”

Rick was completely speechless.

“Haha, okay I’ll stop teasing you.” After Xixi finished laughing, she fetched the apple and took a bite.

Rick didn’t know how to take care of people, especially patients and women.

A lot of hilarious incidents had occurred since he started taking care of Xixi for the first time.

Huo Mian told Qin Chu worriedly that they should hire a care worker because Rick seemed very unprofessional.

Yet, Rick was worried and had to take care of Xixi himself. Xixi was also unwilling to leave him.

“I want to watch TV,” Xixi ate the apple and said at the same time.

Rick turned on the TV, changed the channel to a kid’s channel, and found “Bonnie Bears”.

“I don’t want ‘Bonnie Bears’. I like to watch ‘Peppa Pig’ now.” Xixi pouted her lips.

Rick was speechless.

Even though the hospital was Xixi’s least favorite place, she felt these days were the happiest days of her life because Rick was accompanying her.

The behavior of Rick bringing his subordinates and living at South Side sounded like stories in Arabian Nights. The European and American markets were in a mess.

Nobody could find this godfather of the mafia and nobody would have expected that he was residing in the hospital of a city.

He was spending time with his girlfriend and living ordinarily and happily.

It was already New Year’s Eve.

The hotel had already prepared dinner for the New Year’s Eve celebration. Everybody stayed in the dining hall and looked at the live show of the spring festival’s gala from the big television screen.

The young people held their cell phones in their hands to give out red envelopes and snatch red envelopes in their group chats.

Huo Mian gave Su Yu eight red envelopes, and each contained one hundred and eighty-eight dollars.

Every single red envelope had a word written on top. There were eight characters in total: In this new year, great luck great profit.

“Is this the legendary tradition of the rain of red envelopes?” Su Yu smiled and replied.

“Happy New Year, Mr. Su,” Huo Mian’s first red envelope was sent to Su Yu because the person she wanted to thank the most was him.

“You as well, Deputy Director Huo,” Su Yu responded.

“It’s about time, Sir. The dumplings will be ready right away. Should we light up the fireworks now?” the manager of the restaurant walked over and asked Qin Chu respectfully.

“Yes,” Mr. Qin answered with a word. The fireworks bloomed outside of the hotel after ten seconds.

The twins were just kids and they were extremely excited when they saw the sky full of fireworks. They jumped and ran to the observation deck.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful,” Little Bean and Pudding couldn’t stop exclaiming.

“Honey… is something on your mind?” Qin Chu found that Huo Mian was slightly absent-minded.

“Darling, I…” Huo Mian raised her head to look at Qin Chu and stopped talking.

“I know who you are thinking about,” Qin Chu grabbed her shoulder and comforted her.

Then, Qin Chu turned Huo Mian’s shoulder around and pointed at the entrance of the dining hall. “Look over there, Honey.”

Huo Mian looked through the direction of Qin Chu’s hand. Her eyes were instantly filled up by tears.



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