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(Ni Yang’s Grand Wedding (28)

“Guess,” Pudding said.

“Too lazy to guess,” Little Bean said.

Pudding was caught speechless.

“Sis, do you think something’s going on between Uncle Tang and Auntie?” Little Bean asked.

“I don’t know what’s going on between them, but I know that you forced Auntie to say the answer that Uncle Tang wanted to hear earlier. So, can you tell me what agreement did you guys have for you to collude with him?” Pudding said.

“Collude is a harsh word to use. I didn’t betray Auntie…,” Little Bean replied.

“Cut the cr*p. What do you get out of this from Uncle Tang?” Pudding asked.

“There isn’t any this time. Sis, I genuinely think those two are taking too long. Auntie clearly likes him and doesn’t want to admit…” Little Bean said.

“How do you know Auntie likes him? From where?” Pudding asked.

“Geeze, Sis, please stop testing my IQ. Even though my IQ is not as high as yours, my EQ is equivalent to yours. Mommy asked Auntie to come home for the New Year, but she usually says that she might not have time before. Don’t you think it’s weird that she came back all of a sudden? Besides, Auntie’s temper won’t allow it if she didn’t like someone forcing a kiss on her. Don’t you believe she could’ve totally drowned Uncle Tang at the outdoor hot spring earlier? Also, Granduncle Qin said Auntie is an expert in Taekwondo after all… but she didn’t do it. What does this imply? She likes him. Even though Uncle Tang acts like a playboy, that’s just on the outside. Handsome Su said Uncle Tang was hurt by love before, but he’s still pure and has a soft spot. Those women were merely just for show. If we talk about real flirting, he may not have any experience. The two of them are just hanging there and I find it annoying. That’s why I’m helping,” Little Bean explained.

“At this moment, you are like a little smart cupid,” Pudding said.

“Hehe, you give me such a high evaluation, Sis. You’re making me shy,” Little Bean laughed.

“So, can you tell me now? What exactly did Uncle Tang give you?” Pudding asked again.

“Ahem, Sis, how can you expose me like that?” Little Bean said.

“What is it?” Pudding asked.

“An intelligent robot,” Little Bean said.

“Damn! The one that the Tang Corporation’s overseas market launched this year? I heard it’s an all-intelligent robot housekeeper. Isn’t that the best technology?”

“Um, I randomly mentioned it and he gave it to me.”

“He gave you a robot that’s worth more than one million dollars. Hmm, you truly have the honor, Little Bean.”

“If it wasn’t because the technology is advanced enough but it hasn’t started selling worldwide, why would it be enough to bribe me? The problem is that we can’t buy it anywhere right now, but I like it very much. I already gave it a name, Baymax. Hehe,” Little Bean said.

The girls really liked a Disney movie called “Big Hero 6”. There was also a smart AI robot and it was called Baymax.

He had an extremely warm personality and that was why Little Bean had been hooked on robots ever since. There were also many robots at home.

Yet, it was her first time having a robot that was worth more than one million.

“Uncle Tang really spent a lot of effort and money this time,” Pudding sighed with a laugh.

“Most definitely. Our auntie isn’t that easy to pursue.”

The two little girls chatted with each other while Tang Chuan and Qin Ning were still talking in the coffee shop.

With Tang Chuan by her side, Qin Ning suddenly felt her monotonous life had become more interesting.

Certainly, she still didn’t know that this was the feeling of liking someone. She thought it was just because they got to know each other pretty well.

Huo Mian waited for Su Yu at South Side’s office after talking to him on the phone.

Shortly after, Su Yu arrived with his eye-grabbing Lamborghini.

“Come downstairs, Huo Mian,” Su Yu typed in WeChat.

Huo Mian immediately wore her jacket and went downstairs. She was dumbfounded when she got to the entrance.



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