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(I Didn’t Expect You to be a Mistress (2)

“It was my bad, haha. That’s right, it should be fiancĂ©. Are you guys getting married?” Huo Mian thought her sister was still young and she wouldn’t get married soon.

“No, Sis, don’t listen to him. We still don’t have the intention of getting married in the forseeable future. How can we make a family without eliminating Ian?” Lu Yan shook her head and sighed.

Huo Mian heard Ian’s name again.

‘A merciless outlaw like Yan is afraid of this man. Doesn’t he sound like a tough guy?’

“Sit down, everybody. Quit standing around,” Qin Chu said.

Four people were soon seated. The twins weren’t in the mood to watch fireworks anymore.

They both ran over to Huo Mian and Qin Chu and peeked at Lu Yan.

“Mommy… didn’t this Auntie come to our house last time?” Pudding always had a good memory.

“You still remember me, Pudding?” Lu Yan was overjoyed.

“Doesn’t Auntie remember I’m Pudding as well?”

Lu Yan laughed and lifted Pudding, who was the closest to her, up into the air instantly with her great strength.

“Call me Auntie, Pudding.”

“Happy New Year, Auntie,” Pudding, who had always prideful, called her obediently.

The kiss-ass level was second only to Little Bean.

Lu Yan took out a red envelope from her handbag and tucked it into Pudding’s hands.

“Take it.”

“It seems pretty thin… Auntie, you’re a little stingy. Is there only one hundred dollars inside?” Pudding, who used to receive cash from the red envelopes, knew there wasn’t much inside when she touched it. It seemed like there was only one bill. The biggest value of the bill in the country was one hundred yuan. Even if it was in U.S. dollars, one hundred dollars was equivalent to six hundred yuan.

Pudding thought that this auntie wasn’t an ordinary person and wouldn’t be so stingy in terms of giving out red envelopes.

Lu Yan put Pudding down slowly and waved at Little Bean.

“Come, Little Bean. Do you want a red envelope?”

“Yup, yup, check it out. I want it even if it’s one hundred dollars. I can buy ice cream with one hundred dollars.” Little Bean came down from Qin Chu’s lap quickly and ran into Lu Yan’s arms.

Before Lu Yan spoke, Little Bean kissed Lu Yan on the cheek.

“Happy New Year, Auntie. I wish you a big fortune and great profit as well as luck and prosperity.”

Even though Pudding and Little Bean thought these blessings sounded stupid as hell, they still had to say the blessings because adults loved to hear them.

Lu Yan took out another red envelope and tucked it inside Little Bean’s hands. The red envelope was also as thin as Pudding’s.

“Open it.” Lu Yan smiled mysteriously.

Little Bean and Pudding exchanged a look and opened their red envelopes slowly.

“Sh*t… it’s a cross-border foreign cheque.” The two little kids recognized this because Huo Mian and Qin Chu always used it.

“Eight… million dollars,” Pudding was also dumbfounded.

Huo Mian was shocked and quickly scolded them, “Give them back to Auntie. You can’t take them.”

Huo Mian thought the red envelopes that Lu Yan gave the kids would be around eight hundred or a thousand dollars. If not, ten thousand U.S. dollars would be the most.

Huo Mian thought it was too much money when Qin Ning prepared a thousand U.S. dollars when they traveled to the states.

After all, they were only three-year-old kids. They didn’t have much control over their spending.

Although Pudding loved playing around with stocks, she was only in charge of operating and couldn’t cash them out.

“Sis, it’s for the kids. Don’t worry about it…”

“It’s way too much. Yan… it’s eight million dollars. Two kids got more than ten million dollars. Are you crazy?” Huo Mian opposed strongly and her attitude was firm.

“Take them, Sis. Lu Yan is wealthy,” Qiao Fei said quietly.



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