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(I Didn’t Expect You to be a Mistress (1)

A girl wearing a black trench coat was standing at the entrance. Her appearance was beautiful, and her smile revealed the dimples on the corner of her mouth. With a careful look, the two of them actually looked a little alike.

Huo Mian’s tears almost dropped the moment she saw her.

“Yan…” Huo Mian found her voice shaking.

“Come on, give me a hug.” Lu Yan ran over and gave Huo Mian a bear hug.

Although the number of times that the two sisters met was sparse, Lu Yan’s was oddly familiar to Huo Mian.

Perhaps this was the connection of the dearest blood-related family members.

Because Lu Yan’s identity was sensitive, Qin Chu asked Qin Ning to bring his parents, Huo Mian’s mom, and Zhixin to another room to watch the spring festival’s gala.

Qin Chu, Huo Mian, and the twins stayed in a private room to eat with Lu Yan.

“Yan, how did you…?” Huo Mian wasn’t prepared because Yan’s arrival was so sudden.

It was indeed a huge surprise.

“I was planning to come with Dad, but… the old man is too stubborn. He thought that if he showed up with me, we will be dead if Ian catches both of us. Even though he really wanted to come, he still stopped himself from coming. It’s okay. I’ll drag Dad over next year if I need to.” Lu Yan’s tone was always very domineering.

It might be because of her personality or career that she projected a high-wattage aura whenever she made an appearance.

“I’m happy that you came, but will you be alright being here alone? You should never put yourself in danger to accompany me.” Huo Mian always feared for Lu Yan and was concerned about many things.

“I didn’t come alone. I would’ve forgotten if you didn’t mention it…”

Lu Yan turned around after she finished speaking. She looked at the person standing in the entrance and said, “Come, Psycho Qiao, I’ll introduce my sis to you.”

Lu Yan’s calling of Psycho Qiao attracted everyone’s attention.

Huo Mian looked up and saw a man with short silver hair standing by the door.

He seemed young, was wearing a dark Russian military uniform, and stood upright.

This man didn’t have any expressions on his face. His eyes were unusually beautiful, which made him look like a character in anime.

“Wow… that guy is so handsome,” Little Bean exclaimed while holding a tiramisu in her hand.

“It’s my very first time seeing someone like him. His aura is very frigid… it’s even colder than Daddy’s,” Pudding agreed with her younger sister.

After Lu Yan talked, the guy walked over slowly.

“Sis, Brother-in-Law…” Qiao Fei nodded and greeted them properly.

“He is…” Huo Mian was still perplexed because she had too little of an understanding of Lu Yan and her dad.

Qin Chu was slightly aware of him because he removed the bullet for Qiao Fei when he did the surgery in Moscow.

“Qiao Fei.” Lu Yan smiled as she introduced.

“Ah, I remember now. Your boyfriend?” Huo Mian suddenly remembered that Yan had a boyfriend, who seemed to be an influential figure in Russia.

“Sis, I’m not her boyfriend. I’m her fiancé,” Qiao Fei corrected her in a serious manner.

Huo Mian was caught speechless.

“Hey, why are you so stubborn? Boyfriend is pretty much the same as fiancé. Why are you arguing with my sister?” Lu Yan pinched Qiao Fei.

“The meaning is totally different. Boyfriend means we’re dating and our relationship isn’t stable. Fiancé means we’re almost getting married and we’re one marriage certificate away,” Qiao Fei explained.



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