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(Ni Yang’s Grand Wedding (20)

Tang Chuan’s brazen words rendered Qin Ning’s face red.

“So… Ning-Ning, did you miss me?” Tang Chuan asked.

“I…only an idiot would miss you.” Qin Ning’s voice shot up an octave in pitch.

“You don’t? Fine… It looks like I’ve flattered myself again… I was really excited when I heard you came back. I even thought that… maybe, you came back because of me. Haha, but I know that you’re only back for New Years. It’s okay, I’m really happy just seeing you. Seeing that you’re still so beautiful, I’m really happy for you too.”

Tang Chuan enunciated every word.

“Little Chuan… I…” Qin Ning had a lot to say to Tang Chuan, but the words just wouldn’t come out.

Qin Ning was still lacking experience. She didn’t understand that sometimes in love, courage meant more than anything.

Sensing her hesitation once again, Tang Chuan felt slightly dejected.

“It was good seeing you. It’s late, I’m going to leave. Enjoy yourself…” With that, Tang Chuan turned to leave the hot spring.

Qin Ning really wanted him to stay but didn’t know the right words to say. Her heart was thumping wild.

As she wrestled with her thoughts, she felt sudden warmth wrapping her body; she was in someone’s embrace.

Her cool lips were then captured by the same person…

Tang Chuan really did want to leave, because he realized that Qin Ning still had the same attitude as before; unclear and confused. He hated the feeling of not knowing; he wanted to understand what she was thinking. He needed to know if he meant anything to her at all.

So, he mustered up all his courage, turning back around and swimming back to Qin Ning.

Before she could respond, he opened up his arms, embraced her, and went in for a kiss…

Having had that previous experience, Qin Ning wasn’t as shocked this time around. After the initial seconds of instinctual refusal, she realized that she wasn’t strong enough to push the man away. Qin Ning chose to stop struggling and enjoy the moment. Slowly, Tang Chuan’s kiss began to feel different, ticklish and slippery. It was as if a small fish had swum across her heartstrings; it was both comforting and cozy. Slowly, she became more and more accepting; she even tried to respond to his kisses.

Sensing Qin Ning’s shy effort, Tang Chuan almost died from happiness. He hugged her tightly, deepening their kiss, exuding even more passion…

The duo continued to kiss, forgetting time and space…

Just then, the twins came to play with their aunt. They were bored to death from swimming.

They were stunned by the sight in front of them.

Little Bean: “Um, Sis, are you seeing what I’m seeing? Am I hallucinating?”

Pudding: “Definitely not… I see it too.”

Little Bean: “So… that’s Uncle Tang and Auntie Qin?”

Pudding: “Yes, they seem to be kissing.”

Little Bean: “It’s so sudden. I’m not even prepared. What are we supposed to do now? Rush over there and separate them?”

Pudding: “It’s best if we don’t. Uncle Tang would hate us.”

Little Bean: “So we just watch Auntie get taken advantage of?”

Pudding: “But Auntie looks like she’s enjoying herself?”

Little Bean: “Sis, are you sure?”

Pudding asked, “Maybe you should go and try to separate them?”

“Maybe not,” said Little Bean. “This is the first time that I’ve seen something so grown-up this close up. I should record this for evidence.”

Pudding: “Why?”

Little Bean explained, “With this clip, I’d be able to get as much Haagen-Dazs from Uncle Tang as possible! If he doesn’t buy them for me, I’ll send the video to grandpa and show him how Uncle Tang’s been messing with his daughter. He’ll definitely break Uncle Tang’s legs.”

Pudding gave a thumbs-up and said, “You really are willing to do anything for food.”

The sisters watched calmly…

Over at the other end, Qin Ning’s eyes glanced around inadvertently. At the sight of the twins, she was mortified.

“Oh my… is that… Pudding and Little Bean?” Qin Ning immediately hid her face, embarrassed as ever.



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