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(Ni Yang’s Grand Wedding (24)

“You knew?” Rick was slightly startled; he didn’t expect Xixi to take his profession so lightly.

“Sister Mian told me a little bit. Plus, back when you worked at Seductive Fox, I knew that you weren’t doing regular business. I mean, everyone knows what Seductive Fox’s all about. Rick, you really underestimated my strength. I just wanted to say… If I like you, I like you. It doesn’t matter what you do. You are who you are. Whether you’re an angel or a devil, I accept all of you… so really, you’re worrying too much.”

“That’s not what’s important… Xixi, I have a lot of enemies… I’m afraid of putting you in danger… if you’re ever in danger because of me… I… ”

“Relax, I’ll try to not be your baggage. I’ll stay by your side… I’ll never leave. If someone wants us dead, we’ll fight back. Worse comes to worst, we’ll die together.”

With that, Xixi revealed a long-awaited smile.

Looking at her smile, Rick felt his empty heart fill up with something.

Perhaps Xixi was right; people should live a simpler life. If you always lived concerned about this and worried about that, you might live in fear for your entire life.

It might be better to live in the most direct way.

Xixi’s attitude towards love was simple. Couples should stay together when in love; separate when out of love.

They should face difficulties together and if it comes to it, die together.

Suddenly, as if struck by lightning, Rick realized that he had made the same cliche mistake as Qin Chu.

They were both acting in the interest of their lovers, but little did they know, it wasn’t what their lovers wanted.

They weren’t mind-readers, after all. Qin Chu thought that he was doing Huo Mian a favor by leaving but he forgot to take into account all the sleepless nights and hopeless days she suffered in the four years without him.

As far as Huo Mian was concerned, nothing was more important than having Qin Chu next to her.

Similar to Qin Chu, Rick was too busy worrying about what his background and family would bring to the innocent Xixi.

What he failed to see, was what he meant to her; he was her greatest happiness.

Even at the risk of dying…

Love was sometimes so insignificant. Some may not even withstand the test of money, not to mention life and death.

Some, however, were so great, that people are willing to chase it their entire lives… To these people, the feeling of love was tantamount to the air they breathed…

Although these girls were few and far between, they existed… as Huo Mian and as Xixi.

After almost losing Xixi this time, Rick truly couldn’t suppress his feelings any longer.

After he accompanied Xixi until she fell asleep, and then he walked out of the hospital room.

“How is she? How’s her mood? Qin Chu asked.

“She’s fine now. She’s asleep already.”

“What are you going to do now?”

“I don’t know yet.” Rick’s tone was still icy cold.

Hearing this, Huo Mian’s heart dropped. She thought that Xixi and Rick’s relationship was irreparable, even if Xixi almost traded in her life.

“If you have something to do, go. We will take care of her,” Qin Chu said.

“No, I want to stay with her for the New Year.”

“New Year?”

Qin Chu and Huo Mian were both stunned by his words.

“And I will never leave her again… ” Rick added.

“Uh … does this mean you’re back together?” Huo Main asked in disbelief.


“Are you really sure? Aren’t you afraid… ” Qin Chu understood Rick’s worries so he cautiously reminded.

“In comparison to all that, I’m more afraid of losing her.” Rick’s answer was simple and straightforward.

Huo Mian was a little moved…

“Xixi’s very simple. She simplifies many complicated things. She only knows black and white, right and wrong… there are no gray areas. Honestly, a girl like her is hard to find.” Huo Mian put in a good word for Xixi.

“I know all about it… Xixi has always been great. I was just afraid of putting her in danger… ” Rick lowered his head in guilt.

“What about your fiancĂ©e in New Orleans?” Qin Chu was quite worried about this. He knew what kind of a person Luna’s father was and he feared for the trouble he would cause.



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