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( Ni Yang’s Grand Wedding (9)

“Then it’s because your news sources aren’t reliable…” Wei Liao teased.

“You and Yu both knew but you two motherf*ckers didn’t think to tell me! Are we still bros?” Tang Chuan was extremely furious, so he continued to blame Su Yu and Wei Liao.

“You didn’t ask us…” Su Yu responded shamelessly.

“Damnit! Yu, you’re such a b*tch! I’m not going to talk to you two. I’m going to go see her!” Then, Tang Chuan rushed out.

Su Yu even added, “Wait, Chuan! Settle the bill before you leave!”

“F*ck you! I don’t have money!” Tang Chuan said angrily.

Tang Chuan got on his red Ferrari and rushed towards South Hill Manor.

However, when he arrived, he realized how brash he had been. He was nobody to her so what hat could he put on to see her?

If they were friends, would they be close friends?

Were they lovers? Most likely not since Qin Ning didn’t know how she felt for him.

Tang Chuan parked in front of South Hill Manor, hesitating on whether he should go in.

Finally, he drove away without going inside.

After dinner, Qin Ning ran in the gym for a bit. She was very sweaty so she took a shower.

After the shower, she looked at her phone and saw a WeChat message notification. It was from Tang Chuan.

“I heard you’re back…?” Tang Chuan sent a text rather than an audio message.

Qin Ning immediately started typing but at the end, she erased all her words. In replacement was a short response, “Yeah.”

“It’s cold here. You’re not used to the cold. Remember to dress warmly,” Tang Chuan advised.

Qin Ning felt very warm inside when she saw the message.

“Thank you.”

Tang Chuan didn’t know how to respond to Qin Ning’s distant response. Finally, their conversation ceased.

When Qin Ning realized how bleak she was being, she regretted deeply. Why was she being so distant?

“Are you going to die if you say just a bit more?” Qin Ning mumbled to herself.

“Auntie, who are you talking to?” Pudding pushed opened the door.

“Nuh… No one…” Qin Ning felt guilty immediately.

“Auntie, you don’t look that well this time… Did something happen?” Pudding asked as she felt Qin Ning’s mind was somewhere else at dinner.

“Um… Pudding, you’re overthinking. I’m fine.”

“Don’t dismiss me like that. I’m not a kid…” Pudding said confidently.

Qin Ning: “…”

“I’m going to guess that your problem is because of Uncle Tang, right?” Pudding conjectured.

“How did you know?” When Pudding got it right, Qin Ning’s reaction immediately sold her out.

“He followed you to the States and stayed there for such a time but suddenly came back… Afterwards, when you video chatted with us, you sounded sad so I’m guessing something happened between you two that made you sad…”

“I’m not sad; it’s just that…”

“Did that Tang Chuan bully you? If he did, tell me. I’ll get revenge for you…” Pudding asked.

Qin Ning picked up Pudding dotingly and kissed her on her chubby cheeks. She smiled and said, “He didn’t bully me. It’s just me… I don’t know how I feel and maybe because of that, I hurt him.”

“Guys are made for being hurt. You don’t have to blame yourself, Auntie. Girls aren’t made to be easily pursued!” Pudding said confidently. Her words made Qin Ning smile again.

“Okay, I’ll remember what you said…”

“So, Auntie, you actually like Uncle Tang right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have suddenly come back… After all, you aren’t used to the Chinese New Year’s atmosphere in China…” Pudding pried.

Although Pudding was only a child, she sounded much like an adult. Qin Ning was rather troubled with Pudding’s serious questions.



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