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(I Didn’t Expect You to be a Mistress (5)

“Why is it always Mommy? She gets it every year! Is she cheating!” Little Bean looked at Huo Mian with discontent.

Huo Mian said innocently, “How could I cheat?”

“You wore those types of contact lenses that allow you to see through objects. Then, you just pick and eat the one with the coin…”

“Haha, you think I’m Sun Wukong with penetrating vision eh?” Huo Mian couldn’t stop laughing.

“But really though… I’m four years old already and for the last four years, Mommy got it every time…” Little Bean was very unhappy.

“It shows that your mommy is a very lucky person…” Qin Chu tried to comfort his daughter with a gentle smile.

“Daddy only knows how to love Mommy… Hmph…”

“Little Bean, don’t worry. You can use that 8 million to buy a lot of coins and put it in every single dumpling. Then you’d be lucky with every dumpling!” Lu Yan suggested.

Little Bean: “…”

“Okay, fine. Auntie, you win…” Little Bean thought she was weird but she realized that her auntie was weirder.

Just then, a bunch of celebrities started singing “Loving You as We are from the Same Family” on television. It was the ending theme song of the Chinese New Year special show.

“Look! Isn’t that Uncle Ni Yang?” Little Bean’s attention immediately shifted to the television.

Pudding put down her phone and looked towards the television.

Ni Yang was leading the song “Loving You as We are from the Same Family”.

The lyrics were extremely warm and touching.

It was the first time Lu Yan watched the Chinese New Year special show so attentively. She had always thought it was boring.

Ni Yang’s voice was crisp, clear, and could only be described as music to one’s ears.

Everyone was able to recognize his voice immediately.

“Upon arriving home, I enjoy the warm light that awaited me.

Upon getting up, I enjoy the smiles on my family’s faces.

Upon leaving home, I like working hard for my family and my dreams.

I like all my family members and we’re all striving towards the same goal.”

Huo Mian immediately resonated with the song and started singing along. “Because we are one family, deeply attached to each other. We should share good fortunes and overcome difficult times together, in exchange for eternity with kindness and support.”

When Huo Mian finished the song, she realized that Lu Yan and Qiao Fei were gone.

“Where’s Yan?” Huo Mian stood up anxiously.

Qin Chu went over immediately and cuddled her. “They left. They didn’t want to disturb you and they were scared you’d cry,” he said.

When Huo Mian found out that Lu Yan left, she started crying like a child.

“You know that Lu Yan doesn’t feel that warm and fuzzy too. They are in a tough situation and are being chased after. They are in grave danger so the helicopter had been waiting for them outside.”

“I know but I just… really miss her!” Huo Mian sobbed.

“Honey, I promise I’ll solve this as soon as possible so that Lu Yan and the Professor can come visit whenever, okay?”

Qin Chu patiently comforted Huo Mian as if she was a little child.

“Mommy, don’t cry. Auntie said she’d come to visit us again…” Little Bean also started to try to calm Huo Mian down.

“Mommy, when we have time, we can go visit Auntie in Russia.” Pudding held onto Huo Mian’s hand.

Huo Mian tried hard to suppress her unwillingness to see Yan go and wiped away her tears.

It was already past twelve and the twins looked tired.

“Honey, can you take them to bed first? I’ll clean up and come up later.”

“Okay, take your time.”

“Okay.” Huo Mian nodded and went into the washroom.

Qin Chu led the twins to bed…

There were many WeChat red pocket notifications on her phone and a lot of them were from group chats. People would see who could get the most money from the randomized red pocket generator.

However, Huo Mian was in no mood to play along.

It was the first time she felt so unwilling to let go. She really wanted Lu Yan to stay with them.




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