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(Ni Yang’s Grand Wedding (13)

“Even if I tell you, you wouldn’t understand…” Pudding did not elaborate and continued to play with her iPad in their hotel suite.

Dinner was almost over at South Hill Manor.

Rick looked at the time and decided it was about time.

He stood up and bade Huo Mian and Qin Chu goodbye, “It’s time for me to leave…”

“Okay. When you come next time, you should stay longer. Let us know if you need anything…” Qin Chu and Rick were really good friends, especially because when he was in trouble, Rick’s family helped him a lot.

“Okay, we’ll keep in contact.” Rick nodded as a sign of farewell. Then he left.

Qin Chu and Huo Mian walked him out.

Suddenly, they heard a loud car vrooming noise.

A white Audi A4 stopped in front of South Hill Manor.

The three were very surprised when they saw Xixi step out of the car.

Rick was especially surprised. He never expected to see Xixi.

Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian who was by his side. Before he said anything, Huo Mian explained herself, “It’s not me. I didn’t tell Xixi.”

Rick and Qin Chu knew Huo Mian doesn’t lie so when Huo Mian denied telling Xixi, they chose to believe her.

So who was it that told Xixi Rick was over for dinner?

Xixi was in a set of light pink casual home wear. Her top had a Hello Kitty on it and she looked very cute in it.

It seemed like she rushed out and didn’t have time to change.

In reality, she did rush out. She grabbed the car keys from her sister and left.

She didn’t even think about what she was wearing, even if it was her pajamas.

“You are here!” Xixi walked over and said to Rick.

“Xixi… How…?” Huo Mian asked in curiosity.

How did Xixi know that Rick was over for dinner? Only she and Qin Chu knew…

Was it because Qin Chu couldn’t take it anymore and told Xixi? Most likely not because the way he looked at Huo Mian showed that he didn’t know what was happening as well.

“It was Pudding that told me…” Xixi looked at Huo Mian and responded.

“Oh… Pudding…” Huo Mian was utterly speechless now.

Qin Chu was also surprised…

Huo Mian never knew that Pudding and Xixi talked on the phone.

She didn’t expect that Pudding would tell Xixi after their video chat. When did Pudding become a double agent in their family?

Rick didn’t care who exposed him. Right now, he was just surprised to see Xixi.

He was both overwhelmed with surprise and joy…

“Xixi… it’s been a long time…” Rick’s Chinese pronunciation was very accurate.

His eyes were deep. The way he looked at you made you unable to get angry at him, even if you were furious.

“It sure has been a long time. If I remember correctly, we’ve separated for three years, two months, 25 days, six hours, and 43 minutes…”

When Xixi spoke, the other three remained dead silent.

Huo Mian and Qin Chu were deeply shocked by how good this girl’s memory was.

Huo Mian was anxious by the atmosphere. She held onto Qin Chu’s hand and Qin Chu held onto hers.

They quietly stood behind Rick and watched Xixi walk over. It was pouring rain and she was soaked. From that moment, you could tell how much she loved Rick.

“Xixi, how have you been all these years?” Rick asked in a gentle voice.

“What do you think?” Tears were circling in her eyes. She looked as if in the very next second, she would break down.



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