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(Ni Yang’s Grand Wedding (7)

Xixi: “Yeah, I’m online, Sister Mian.”

Huo Mian: “Are you sleeping yet?”

Xixi: “I was just chatting with my sister. What’s up, Sister Mian?”

Xixi thought Huo Mian had something important to chat with her, so she responded seriously too.

Huo Mian: “Xixi, I want to tell you something.”

Xixi: “Yeah, what is it? I’m listening? Why are you so serious? You’re making me a bit nervous. Haha…”

Huo Mian: “Don’t get nervous. It’s nothing terrifying. It’s probably something good for you. I’ve hesitated a bit about whether to tell you or not but I’ve decided to tell you.”

Xixi: “Sister Mian, please just say it. You’re making me so nervous. Haha…”

Xixi was a rather straightforward and fast-paced person so she couldn’t keep things to herself. When she saw Huo Mian hesitate so much to say what she wanted to say, she wanted to fly to Huo Mian and make her say it.

Huo Mian: “Xixi, Rick is back.”

Bang! Xixi was so shocked that she immediately stood up, knocking the teacup by her night table down along with her motion.

“What?” Xixi asked to confirm.

“Rick is back, Xixi…” Huo Mian said it through audio, making sure Xixi heard her loud and clear.

“When?” Xixi asked.

“I just saw him at my husband’s office this afternoon.”

“Is he well?” Xixi felt lost in words and her heart pounding rapidly.

She was nowhere prepared for Rick’s sudden reappearance.

It was indeed a surprise for Xixi.

“Yeah… Didn’t I tell you about the time I saw him in New Orleans? Rick has always been an incredible person. It’s just sometimes he’s a bit boring. Also, now he talks even less than he used to…”

“Oh…” Xixi sounded like a lot was on her mind.

“Did he come to see you?” Huo Mian asked.

“No…” Xixi sounded disappointed.

“Oh… I just had a feeling that he’d go see you since he already came back…” Huo Mian tried to make Xixi feel better.

“Hehe… No. He hasn’t looked for me for the past three years so he won’t come to find me now. Maybe he came back for something else…” Xixi calmed down and now her mind was all over the place.

“Sister Mian…”


“I have something to ask of you…”

“What is it, Xixi?”

“If you see Rick again, can you tell him a message?” Xixi said slowly.

“What is it?”

“Tell him that I’m great. I don’t hate him anymore. I hope all the best for him. I hope that even if we never see each other again, that he’d be happy, even if he was just in some random place in the corner of the world.”

“Okay, I will.”

Huo Mian felt her heart become rather heavy after chatting with Xixi on WeChat.

Qin Chu brought in two glasses of red wine and asked, “Want some?”

Qin Chu handed over a cup and Huo Mian took a sip.

“Honey, when do you think Rick will come over for dinner?”

“Not sure yet. He might not even come. What are you plotting?” Qin Chu saw that Huo Mian had a lot on her mind.

“I want to ask Xixi to come over…”

“Honey, are you sure you want to do it so forcefully?”

“Don’t you know Xixi wants to see him? When I see her like that, my heart aches.”

“Honey, you need to know that Xixi would be even sadder if she sees Rick and nothing between them will change. Rick also isn’t in a better position. He’s the godfather of a gang and the higher up someone is, the less freedom he would have…” Qin Chu actually didn’t really agree with Huo Mian on getting those two back together.

“I don’t care. I want them to see each other one last time. It’s not even about them getting back together anymore. I just want Xixi to see Rick one last time… I feel so sad for him…” It was the first time Huo Mian let her emotions overrule her logic.

Qin Chu held the glass and remained silent.

“Honey, how about it? One last time…” Huo Mian started to beg adorably after seeing Qin Chu not reacting to her.



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