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(Ni Yang’s Grand Wedding (6)

“What is it!” Xuanxuan was rather curious after Xixi put it that way.

“I felt like I was being followed just now when I was out shopping…”

“Followed? No way! You’re not a star or anything and our family isn’t rich either…” Xuanxuan thought Xixi’s story was unbelievable.

“Yeah, I don’t believe it either but I had that feeling when I was walking back. You know that a woman’s sixth sense is usually very accurate right? I even turned around to try to catch that person but I didn’t see anything…”

“So?” Xuanxuan popped some chips in her mouth and looked at her sister with a smile on her face.

“So… What I want to say is… Sis, do you think those things exist?”

“What?” Xuanxuan was confused.

“A ghost!” Xixi stuck out her tongue, pretending to be like a ghost.

“Get out of here! Where would you find a ghost. You’re in your 20s and you’re still like a kid, scaring yourself like that…”

“Haha, I’m just joking with you. Sis, you look pretty nice lately. Did something good happen?”

Xixi cuddled by her sister’s side and wrapped her arm around her shoulders.

“No… nothing…” Xuanxuan was obviously hiding something.

“No way. Don’t lie to me… We grew up together and you haven’t been able to keep anything a secret from me. If you’re not going to tell me, I’m going to start guessing… Hmm… Do you have a guy you like?”

“No!” Xuanxuan denied with her face flushing.

“Oh… Even though you deny it, your face is already all red…” Xixi chuckled.

“Nie Lingxi, can you stop fooling around?” Xuanxuan sounded a bit angry.

“Sis… Don’t tell me you like our boss?” Xixi peeked at her sister’s phone and saw she was on Su Yu’s Weibo account.

How much attention she showed to Su Yu made it obvious that Xuanxuan did not just like Su Yu as a boss.

“Stop the nonsense! Who do you think President Su is? Why would he like me? I’m just thankful that President Su arranged a few big drama jobs for me… that’s all.”

“If that’s all, that would be best, Sis. You really shouldn’t like Su Yu… You can like anyone but him, okay?” Xixi warned.

“Why?” Xuanxuan looked at her sister with concerned eyes.

“Su Yu has someone he really really likes…” Xixi had heard of Su Yu’s admiration for Huo Mian a long time ago.

“I know. You’re talking about the GK Corporation’s president’s wife, Mrs. Qin right? She’s married now and that’s a long time ago. President Su should be over her by now…” Xuanxuan said in a low voice.

“Then you have it wrong. Look at how Jian Tong ended up. You could tell that she lost her perspective of where she stood and plotted schemes… In the end, she hurt others and herself. Sis, I don’t need you to be rich or anything. I just want you to be safe and happy, so can you not go fishing on big fish? We’re just two ordinary girls from an ordinary family. Even if you become a top star, I don’t want you to marry into a rich family. I want you to be with a guy that loves you dearly!”

Although Xixi was the younger sister, she realized how ordinary things make life a lot happier after her experience with Rick.

“You little brat, how dare you to lecture me?” Xuanxuan chuckled.

“Sis, I’m serious. I’m not kidding with you. Please don’t fall in love with Su Yu…”

“Okay…” It was rather obvious that Xuanxuan didn’t mean what she said.

Although Xuanxuan knew that she shouldn’t fall in love with Su Yu, just like how Xixi put it, she wasn’t able to control her emotions.

After chatting and eating with Xuanxuan, Xixi went back to her room.

Just then, she saw a WeChat message coming in from Huo Mian.

Huo Mian: “Xixi, are you there?”



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