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(You Are Like a Dog In Front of Ian (4)

“Yeah! He’s so cool. He was here for a bit but didn’t drink any alcohol. He only drank water…” one of the girls said with hearts in her eyes.

“Only water? He’s probably too poor!” Xiang Xin said nonchalantly.

“No way! Did you look at his shoes? Those are from Italy’s most luxurious brand! He’s wearing tens of thousands of yuan on his feet. Do you think he can’t afford alcohol?”

“That cool…?” Xiang Xin looked over at the man’s shoes and realized that they did look very expensive.

The shoes from Italy’s most luxurious brand were all handmade and tailored. Each pair cost tens of thousands. In this city, only super-rich people like Su Yu and Tang Chuan could afford to wear them. From those shoes, one could tell that this foreigner wasn’t some pretentious poor man.

“But don’t you think his outfit is weird? It’s winter and it’s not raining. Why is he wearing a cape like a vampire?” Xiang Xin mumbled.

“That’s called style, you know? Foreigners love artsy stuff. We commoners do not understand their realm…”

“So if you guys like him so much, why are you guys standing here?” Xiang Xin took a sip of her drink and urged her friends to approach him.

“We did but we all failed. He didn’t even look at us…”

Just then, the man from the other side of the bar table looked over at Xiang Xin.

Xiang Xin was looking over too and their eyes met.

Xiang Xin was surprised to see that the man was smiling… The curvature of his smile and eyes were of absolute perfection.

“Wow… he’s smiling at you…” Her friends pushed Xiang Xin over.

She touched her lips. She couldn’t believe it – was he really smiling at her?

“It seems like you’re his type, Xin. Go get him!” her friends continued to urge her.

“Me? I’m fine… I don’t think I can do it…” Xiang Xin was being a coward.

Just then, a man from the other side of the bar table came walking over in his white cape.

He walked towards Xiang Xin and said politely, “Miss, our boss wants to buy you a drink.”

“Huh…” Xiang Xin couldn’t believe how it was really her.

Ever since she was a little girl, she had always been the most plain-looking girl in the crowd. However, this time…

“Go! Why are you still standing here like that?” Although the girls were jealous of Xiang Xin, they pushed her over.

Just like that, Xiang Xin walked over to the man. She was rather nervous because she had never flirted with a foreigner.

“What do you want to drink?” the man said in Chinese.

Just when she wanted to respond, the man said, “How about a Bloody Mary? Do you like it?”

Xiang Xin shook her head and said, “No.”

“Yeah. I don’t like it too because I think the taste of blood isn’t dense enough. It’s too bland…” the man in the black cape said with a smile.

Xiang Xin thought what he said was weird but she couldn’t pinpoint what was strange about him.

“Water is good. How about you drink it first and I’ll treat you to something better later,” the man in the black cape said with a mysterious smile.

The way he looked at her was like he was casting some sort of hypnotizing spell on her.

Xiang Xin didn’t like water but she drank it. Afterwards, she even strangely left with the man and his gang.

“Huh. Look. Xin is going with the foreigner…”

“No way? That fast? Wow… Are they in a rush to get a hotel room?”

“Ah… I’m so jealous of her. I heard that foreigners are great in bed. Looks like Xin is going to have an enjoyable night. Haha…”

Xiang Xin’s friends just watched as those men led her friend away, not thinking that she would be in danger.

Only later did they know that something extremely horrifying would happen.



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