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(This Radish, To Pull Or Not To Pull?)

And at that moment, Lu Ting Xiao had one thought: Radish.

He remembered the words that Ning Xi said that night, “Radish and cabbage, each have their own admirer. For people who likes to eat radish, no matter how perfect the cabbage is, they will never like to eat cabbage……”

Back then, he was quite confident that Ning Xi did have feelings for him, and that she was only finding an excuse, so he never thought deeply into that sentence. But now……he has to start facing this problem.

Perhaps, he was really the cabbage, and not her radish……

Seeing his brother staring coldly at the plate of radish, Lu Jingli felt a chill down his spine. “Brother, are you alright?”

Why was he staring so intensely at the plate of radish?

Subsequently, Lu Ting Xiao expressionlessly called his housekeeper over, asked him to remove the plate of radish, and told him never to allow such vegetables on the dining table ever again.

Lu Jingli: “……”

Lu Jingli expression was extremely shocked, even if he was extremely intelligent, he could not understand how love can short circuited a man’s brain…..

At the same time, at Film City’s Junlai Hotel.

Ning Xi had a facial mask on and was preparing to get some sleep when the doorbell rang.

Opening the door and looking outside, Ning Xi was surprised, “Jiang Muye? How come you’re here?”

“I’m also staying with the crew now, in the room above yours!”

Ning Xi was speechless, “I’m only staying with crew because the scenes are really important and tiring, so why the hell are you here to add trouble to the crew!”

“I can save more time to game, okay?” Jiang Muye had a tone as if it was ought to be.

“Okay! You win!” Ning Xi held her thumbs up, then asked, “So, you didn’t play your game, but ran here instead?”

Speaking of that, Jiang Muye had a look of being in bad luck, “Play what game ah! The internet speed is really slow! It made me lose five rounds and lost my rank! Quickly accompany me to the internet cafe and play throughout the night! Quick quick quick~~~”

Ning Xi facepalmed, “What play throughout the night ah, I’m already getting ready to sleep!”

“It is only nine plus, sleep what ah! Are you going or not? Who was the one who accompanied you to play with just one call in the middle of the night at 3am? It’s only 9pm now and you aren’t willing to accompany me? Ha……” Jiang Muye coldly laughed, and had an expression as if looking at his ex-lover who had betrayed him.

Sure enough, she would need to repay him for accompanying her that time sooner or later!

Ning Xi felt helpless, “Fine fine, I’ll go alright? Wait a while, I go get changed!”

Ten minutes later, the two of them changed into inconspicuous clothing. Both of them wore mouth mask, and went into the internet cafe.

The place they were at was the Film City, thus the internet cafe frequently had celebrities. The boss was not surprised seeing two person wearing mouth masks coming in the middle of nice, he did not ask for their identification in details, and let them inside directly.

There were no more private rooms, hence the two of them found a cubicle each, sat down, and turned on the computers.

It has been a long time since Ning Xi logged on, and she forgot her password. “Uh, Golden Hair, what’s my password?”

Jiang Muye speechlessly rolled his eyes at her, then directly typed on her keyboard and entered her password.

“Thanks!” Ning Xi pressed the ‘Enter’ button on her keyboard and login.

Once logged in, many system messages popped up. Ning Xi looked at all those windows that popped up and her face brightened, “F***! Rich boy! Why did you send me so many skins? And all of them are legendary tier!”

After hearing what she said, Jiang Muye exploded, “You idiot! I sent them to you as birthday present and you haven’t even looked at it? How many days has it been! Did you not log in at all? No wonder you forgot your password!”

“Uh……” Feeling guilty, Ning Xi scratched her head. “That’s not it. I’ve been busy!”

Jiang Muye looked at her with a cold expression, “They are all excuses, you clearly don’t care about it!”



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