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(Who’s On A Date With You?)

Hello to all:

I’ve been really tired lately and kind of overwhelmed with all that I have going on.

We have recently gotten a new Translator, Akari.

You’ll find out more about her soon, but those locked chapters (240–)are only possible thanks to her. She’s working hard with me (1-4 translations a day/per person) to bridge the gap between where we are now and the summaries so we can get this show on the road!

So Basically, it’s a count down from chapter 222 – 236. Wish us luck as we count down!


Late at night.

When the girl’s breathing evened out, the man’s eyes finally opened. His eyes were like cold dark pools, no waves could be found.

In the moonlight, he quietly watched to girl sleep tranquilly, then gently

kissed her lips.

From the first time he saw her, he wanted to keep her home, and lock her in the bedroom, where no one was allowed to go. He would let none one look at her, only he can see her, and she can only see him……

Even he himself was surprised, how he had endured till now.

He then kissed her again, forcing her mouth open, entangling her tongue for so long until she frowned, almost waking up because she couldn’t breathe……

A long while later, he stopped kissing her and stroked her cheek. Sighing, he said “Ning Xi, do not test my patience. I cant guarantee that I can endure for a long time……can’t guarantee…what I would do.”

The next morning.

Ning Xi didn’t know when she fell asleep last night, but when she woke up Lu Ting Xiao was not in bed.

Because she fell asleep late, it was almost nine o’clock when she got up.

On her phone, the call log shows a bunch of missed calls from Jiang Muye. On WeChat, he scolded her for standing him up.

Ning Xi feeling he was being difficult messaged Jiang Muye to come over, then went to wash up before heading downstairs.

Lu Ting Xiao had gone to work, and Little Treasure hadn’t woke her up but was obediently sitting on the couch, reading.

“Darling, come here!” Ning Xi said, beckoning to Little Treasure

Little Treasure immediately put down his book, and toddled over (Deng deng deng).

Ning Xi quickly held up the little guy, “Today, Aunty will take you out to play okay?”

When Little Treasure heard this, his face was full of surprise but he nodded his head.

At this time, a horn sounded by the door.

Ning Xi held Little Treasure and walked out the door. She was wearing pants, a cartoon print white t-shirt, and a shoulder bag that made her to look like a student.

“Let’s go!” Ning Xi said getting little treasure ready for the drive.

Jiang Muye stared at Little Treasure next to her, “Don’t tell me you’re bringing this guy on our date?”

Ning Xi glared at him, “Who is going on a date with you! This was Little Treasure and mine’s fall picnic, okay!”

Jiang Muye just stares at her, “Then why did you call me?……”

“Of course it’s for your car! In my friends group, only you were free today!”

Among the Lu Group, both Lu Ting Xiao and Lu Jingli were both busy.

“……”Jiang Muye silently choked.

“Go go, hurry up. We have to get there before the sun goes down.

“Jiang Muye replied, “Are you not afraid people will recognize you?”

“If I pretend a little bit, then there’s no problem!”

Jiang Muye glanced a her uncomfortably, before looking back at the road,

“Pretend to be what? A family of three?”

“Well I’m the sister. Little Treasure is my brother. As to you…..”

“What happened to being the father?”

“You are the driver!”

Jiang Muye, “……”

“I just remembered, I also have to go to the supermarket! I need to buy meat to grill and drinks!”

Jiang Muye’s face was cloudy. He didn’t know whether he should cry. This bastard, you’re the worst!

After visiting the supermarket, Ning Xi found an empty, scenic spot by a small river. She hummed happily to the side while teaching Little Treasure to set up the skewers.

On the side, Jiang Muye is sitting by the water with a fishing rod, also singing. “Today is a beautiful sunny day. But you came with your brother. When I saw his face, my mood immediately changed and my day became cloudy. It was as if you sprinkled salt on my wounds…….”



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