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(Unattached Man Available Woman?)

Including Master Lu and Madam Lu, Lu Ting Xiao has already completed the ‘Lu family full squad assistance’ achievement brilliantly.

Inside the car, seeing that Lu Ting Xiao had bid farewell to his dad, mom, and Little Treasure and started to walk towards the direction of the car, Ning Xi hurriedly sat properly and acted as though she did not hear anything.

On the way home, Lu Ting Xiao suddenly asked, “What are you preparing to do today?”

“Today?” Ning Xi got startled when she heard this question.

Oh yeah, today she does not have to accompany Little Treasure, and today is Saturday; Lu Ting Xiao does not have to go to work.

Doesn’t that mean that that they will spend the entire day together, an unattached man and an available woman, alone together…… at home?

Finding out that she has fallen into his trap, Ning Xi felt deceived.

This is literally the one-step-one-pot-hole-waiting-for-you-to-be-careless-to-fall-into-it pattern ah……

At this moment, her phone started ringing.

Ning Xi took a look at her phone, both eyes start narrowing.

Chang Li?

What is she calling for?

Ning Xi picked up the call, and said with an amused tone, “Oh, big-shot Agent Chang you actually have time to spare while being very busy with work to personally look for me?”

When Chang Li heard the phrase ‘very busy with work’, she ground her teeth with hatred.

Back then when Ning Xuelo was at the peak of her success, naturally her workload was filled to the brim, but ever since this incident, Ning Xuelo’s programs, brand representation, movie and television show opportunities all drastically dropped. Not only that, many of the previously signed brand representation companies are requesting compensation. Starlight is also requesting for Ning Xuelo to keep a lower profile until this matter passes by.

Other than Ning Xuelo, no one else under her is re-presentable, which means that for the next half a year she will have to go on an empty stomach!

Chang Li replied in a surly tone saying, “I’m only here to inform you, move out immediately! You have already turned your back on the company and broke off the contract. Don’t tell me you still want to occupy the company’s apartment? That apartment can at least be rented out for 1000+ yuan per month!”

Ha, in the city, just 1000+ yuan monthly rent is also worth bragging?

Ning Xi does not have the time to deal with her nonsense, so she casually said, “Noted, if there’s nothing else I’ll be hanging up……”

Before she could hang up the phone, Chang Li began to aggressively blame her, “Ning Xi, ask your own conscience, didn’t the company treat you well? Nowadays which company will still give unpopular newbies accommodation? How many small artists can’t get work? At least you got to do work!

The company initially wanted to give it’s all to popularize you! Even if you were to meet any kind of problem, the company will never give up on you! Whereas you…… you forgot your roots when you succeeded, and even back-stabbed the company when you climbed higher!”

Ning Xi clicked her tongue and said, “Agent Chang you are really good at twisting truth and lies! If you make so much sense, why don’t you go onto the internet and let them know?”

Chang Li immediately choked. Previously, she did go onto the internet and said those words, but the end the result was being scolded badly by the netizens……

Chang Li gave an unwilling snort, and coldly said, “Golden Age Entertainment gathers all the big-shots, the competition is fiercer than Starlight. You think that you can hop company’s, go over there, and they will give you opportunities to shine? That’s ridiculous, you’re only a pawn used by Golden Age to affect Starlight! You think that Golden Age really sees you as important? Don’t come crying to me when they don’t!”

“Pa-“ the phone got hung up furiously.

Ning Xi shrugged, and looked at Lu Ting Xiao standing beside her, “I have something to do today. Now!”


“Just now, Chang Li called and said the apartment that Starlight assigned to me will be taken back. I still have things over there so, I need to go and move out!”



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