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(It’s Over)

When Lu Tingxiao returned, Lu Jingli knew it was officially over.

The sky was falling.

The way his brother looked was even scarier than when he first took over the company years ago. At that time, father suddenly fell severely ill and was on the brink of death several times. Everyone was eyeing the position of the heir, so much so that some even tried to break apart the siblings, causing quite a blood shed among the family empire…

The Lu Tingxiao at that time had no emotions, forgetting all meanings of kinship and even using harsh means to defeat all those who tried to stir trouble within the Lu family empire…

Now, Lu Tingxiao was akin to a beast who had just been awoken from his slumber, awash in a murderous vibe.

Lu Jingli initially wanted to console him, but Lu Tingxiao chased all the house’s maids away and then locked himself up all alone in the bungalow. He even instructed that no one but himself was allowed to enter.

Lu Jingli was afraid that something would happen to him, fearful that he might even blow up the house, so he waited worriedly outside.

He waited the whole night.

Yet, Lu Tingxiao still had not come out.

On top of that, something worse had happened…

Early in the morning, Father Lu personally gave him a call with an unhappy tone to drop by the old home.

Lu Family’s Old Residence.

In the living room, Father Lu and Mother Lu were sitting on the sofa with crestfallen expressions.

The alarm in Lu Jingli’s brain was going off frantically and almost immediately, he could guess what had gone wrong.

Indeed, something had gone terribly wrong. Father Lu raised his voice, "Bastard, explain to me what’s happening here!"

White A4 papers and photographs were scattered all over the floor.

Lu Jingli briefly skimmed everything, and it was all Ning Xi’s pictures and personal information. Ning Xi’s identity had been exposed.

Sigh, why does this have to happen now, of all times…Lady Luck is really not on my side!

Mother Lu’s expression was full of heartbreak and anger as she stared at her younger son and scolded, "Jingli, you have really disappointed me! You can mess with other things, but this is your brother’s marriage we’re talking about! How could you not understand the implications of this and help him hide this from us!"

"I thought it was someone from a proper household of suitable class and status, but it turns out she is just a little actress girl, with a very complicated private life! How could someone like this be our Lu family’s daughter-in-law, and be the mother to my grandchildren?!" Father Lu shouted as he slammed the table.

Lu Jingli shuddered and cold sweat trickled down his face as he thought about how he had left Little Treasure under their care.

"What spell did that woman cast onto your brother? The fact that she could let the arrogant Lu Tingxiao fancy her!"

"Thank goodness we noticed this early. Otherwise, the both of you would have only told us after all was said and done, right? This is ridiculous!"

Both parents went on and on their tirade for at least half an hour.

Initially, Lu Jingli did try to explain himself but he soon gave up. He sat on the sofa and idly started counting the tea leaves in his cup as they scolded him.

Mother Lu gave him a death stare and said, "You little punk! Are you listening to us or not?"

Lu Jingli put down his teacup and blinked twice before asking, "Eh? Are the both of you done talking? Can you please let your dear son, who’s been scolded harshly, have a say now?"

Father Lu scoffed, "Fine! You speak! I would like to know what you have to say for yourself!"



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