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(No One Can Replace The Person I Like)

"Lu Tingxiao, I’ve already told you from the start - there is already someone that I like, very, very, much! Even though there are reasons that I can’t be with him, he will live in my heart forever, filling it to the brim, so much so that no one else can replace him. There just isn’t any more space for anyone else. Even if that person was more wonderful, and even more perfect, it would still be a no, do you understand?" Ning Xi blurted out before she could stop herself.

With Ning Xi’s every word, Lu Tingxiao felt his entire body stiffen, his face aloof. His fingers touched her chin as he denied, "Lying! Ning Xi, you’re lying!"

Ning Xi raised up two fingers, and stared at him with determined eyes, "Then I’ll swear, that if I was lying, I would never be famous in this lifetime, I would get hit by lightning and thunder, I would get hit by a car…"

"Stop it!" Lu Tingxiao could not stand this any longer and burst out of the room.

Listening to the sound of his footsteps leaving, Ning Xi felt herself somewhat relieved.

You did the right thing…Ning Xi, you did the right thing…

You should have done this from the start…You were just greedy for too long…You just did not cut it off earlier…

When Ning Xi slowly walked out, she was surprised to find someone leaning quietly against the wall with a cigarette that was practically burnt out in his hand, indicating just about how long he might have been standing there.

"Jiang Muye…," Ning Xi trailed off in shock.

Jiang Muye breathed out a long ring of smoke, looked down and laughed to himself, "The one you said whom you like very, very, very much so that no matter how amazing others may be, they could not replace this’re talking about Lu Tingxiao, aren’t you? Hah, it’s seldom that Lu Tingxiao who’s usually quite smart could be fooled by this…"

Ning Xi remained silent.

Jiang Muye turned his head to look at Ning Xi and quietly said, "It was you who rejected him, yet it seems like you’re worse off than he is…"

It had been a long time since he had seen her like this. She seemed like she was at someone’s death anniversary, engulfed in a dark aura with no sign of light or energy…

Jiang Muye suddenly did not know what to say, and frustratedly lit another cigarette.

After hearing Ning Xi reject Lu Tingxiao, not only did he not feel happy at all, instead he felt slightly sorry for them.

He knew, Ning Xi was officially head over heels for Lu Tingxiao…

But if even Lu Tingxiao could not succeed, what more him? Someone who did not even have the guts to admit "I like you"...

Jiang Muye sighed, and finally said the words he had been in a dilemma whether to express or not, "Ning Xi, you don’t have to be this way. If you really like him, then just get together with him!"

As soon as he said that, he actually felt a slight sense of relief.

Ning Xi bitterly smiled back and said, "Jiang Muye, weren’t you the one who was against this?"

Jiang Muye raised his brows and replied in a casual manner, "I was against this only because I didn’t want you to be my aunt! But you are my good friend after all, I hope that you can be happy..."

He earnestly looked at her, "Ning Xi, before this I didn’t believe that Lu Tingxiao would be sincere, but now...if he really did like you, he wouldn’t care about your status and your job. He also even has the power to protect you from further harm!"

Ning Xi’s face darkened as she pleaded, "Jiang Muye, just stop."

If the underlying issue was just because of her status, that would be but a minor bump in the road. No matter her status, her class or her job, as long as she lived, she could change her circumstances. But how would one change the past? How could she change that?

How could she change the fact that she was raped five years ago and had given birth to a bastard?



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