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(Ominous Premonition)

“No no! Definitely not! Sister Zhizhi you are mistaken! We are not in love!”Ning Xi hastily denied, then stared at Jiang Muye, the bastard, he was aware of their relationship but in the end can’t explain to Lin Zhizhi?

Jiang Muye did not speak, giving her a casual look.

Lin Zhizhi is now Ning Xi’s agent, to not tell her is something decided by Ning Xi herself.

Ning Xi thought for a moment, but decided to tell the truth: “Zhizhi sister, the thing is, I met brother Jiang when we were in school abroad, and that time…… we did date for a period of time, but after a few days we broke up, and we are purely just very good friends! I know that I should have let you know such important things earlier, but initially I mistook you as Jiang Muye’s ex-girlfriend, so I was afraid it would be awkward if I said it, so that’s why I did not say it……”

Lin Zhizhi looked startled, and asked surprised, “You thought I was Jiang Muye’s ex-girlfriend? Who told you that?”

Her eyes rested on Jiang Muye’s body.

Jiang Muye’s expression was black as he replied, “Why are you looking at me? I did not tell her that. She blindly guessed it.”

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him, “Isn’t that because you acted so weirdly! You can’t blame me for thinking that way.”

Seeing the two of them quarreling, Lin Zhizhi pinched the bridge of her nose, and sighed. “Ning Xi, my relationship with Jiang Muye is purely previous agent and artist, you don’t have to worry.”

When she said that, a glint of cold light reflected in Jiang Muye’s eyes.

“En, en, I know it now!” Since Lin Zhizhi personally said it, Ning Xi naturally believed her.

“Then, we should discuss how to settle this matter now.” After explaining the misunderstanding, Lin Zhizhi started to talk about the serious matter. “Previously, Jiang Muye’s fans disliked you, but that was caused by malicious guidance. Right now, their attitudes have a big change, and most of them have become your CP fans.

That is why, I have discussed it with Brother Ming. You can be ambiguous when you are facing the reporters or making a statement outside. You don’t have to deny it too thoroughly, just say that the two of you are in the same company, your personality can get along well, admire each other and are currently very good friends. Let the fans have some space to imagine further.”

Ning Xi obediently nodded, “Okie okie, sure, I’ll listen to you Sister Zhizhi!”

Jiang Muye touched his chin, and lazily said, “I’m cool with it! Can I go back to sleep now?”

Ning Xi smacked him, “Sleep your ass! Sober up, quick! We have to start work soon!”

Jiang Muye impatiently ruffled his hair, “What scene are we filming this afternoon ah?”

Ning Xi stared at him and snappishly said, “Kissing scene! Don’t tell me that you have not read the script once ever since it had been modified! If I was Brother Ming, I would beat you up at least eight hundred times a day!”

Lin Zhizhi already knew their relationship anyway so Ning Xi don’t have to act so respectfully to Jiang Muye anymore.

Jiang Muye said in sarcasm, “Tsk, didn’t you know that the higher-ups want to air it during summer, and that because there are too many underaged audience, thus it made the scriptwriter delete all the bed and kissing scenes, so where do you find the kissing scene?”

“Yeah the scenes got deleted, but there were still a bit right? The scene of the first kiss,and the bed scene inside the military tent. Even though the kissing scene was forced to stop because of the hail previously, but the director said the front part could still be used, so we just have to retake the kissing part!”

“Alright, noted……” Jiang Muye gulped.

Why were his eyebrows twitching, and why was he feeling that a bad premonition was coming?



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