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(Me And Him, CP Fans?)

“I’m sorry I’m sorry, you know that I am forgetful! Thank you for the gift! I love them! I’ll accompany you all night tonight, okay?”

“Accompany me all night. You who said it alright!”

“Yes, I said it I said it! I’ll help you get your rank back! GOGOGO!”


Ning Xi kept her word and actually accompanied Jiang Muye to play games all night.

They returned back to the hotel after Jiang Muye had finally had enough fun to satisfy his addiction, and in one night he had won ten rounds ah!

Ning Xi hadn’t relaxed in a long time too, so she had lots of fun playing too. She yawned and said, “Fortunately, we don’t have many scenes in the morning, we can sleep in!”

Right when the two of them went back to their rooms and were sound asleep, the world outside was in a chaos.


Finally, the two of them were called by their respective agents to Lei Ming house.

“Isn’t there an hour before it starts? Why are you disturbing our sleep so early in the morning!” Jiang Muye was bleary eyed while his head looked like a chicken’s nest.

Ning Xi did not look any better, she almost fell asleep once she sat down.

Lin Zhizhi had her arms crossed across her chest as she paced back and forth in the room a few times, then looked at the two people and asked in a serious tone, “What did the both of you do last night?”

“Nothing ah!” they were keenly aware that the mood was wrong, and shook their head together in unison.

On the side Lei Ming had expected that they would have this reaction, giving a helpless sigh, he held his cell phone in front of them, “Then can you explain what this is.”

Ning Xi rubbed her eyes, “Ah blanket……This was not last night……”

Wasn’t she playing games with Jiang Muye last night?

Jiang Muye woke up suddenly, “Oh shit! This is the back of it! I am wrapped up so how can they recognize me?”

So Lei Ming turned to the next picture, this is not the back, but a clear front view, and although Ning XI’s face is covered by a mask, Jiang Muye’s entire face is clearly exposed.

Jiang Muye scratched his head, “Uh, I played too hard and got excited, and took my mask off for a moment, it was off for less than ten seconds, how can this be photographed?”

Ning Xi blinked, “Then I didn’t expose myself right?”

Lin Zhizhi held her earlobe, “Your mole. The figure of the person in the picture was already very similar to you, but your mole is too distinctive, it is unavoidable for people to link it to you.”

Ning Xi: “Who is this ah, he really has sharp eyes……” Without Lu Ting Xiao’s reminder, she really did forget this tiny detail……

Jiang Muye’s face was full of viciousness. “We even specially used the worker’s identification instead of ours when we went there, who in the world was so bored to share this on the internet? They even noticed that tiny mole of Ning Xi’s?”

Lei Ming shrugged and unfolded his hands, “It should be your fans, and they should be the CP fans of the two of you.”

(T/N: CP fans = couple fans, but it sounded weird. It just means the fans of the couple pairing. So basically all you readers who ship these two -__-)

Ning Xi widened her eyes, “What the hell is CP fans? Me and him? CP fans?”

At that moment, Lin Zhizhi had an unusual imposed look, “Ning Xi, I believed you remembered what I told you on the first day you entered the company. The situation you are in now, you are not allowed to be in a relationship.”

It was her carelessness this time. She should have been aware, the way Ning Xi and Jiang Muye hangs out, including their chemistry during acting and interview, as well as their habit of playing games throughout the night, they definitely did not just knew each other.

Especially the way Jiang Muye looks at Ning Xi, it’s different……



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