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(Slapping Her Face)

Ning Xi lives here?

How can that be!

But a card is required to swipe in and out of this complex, so how did she get in?

Chang Li muttered to herself as she walked, and finally could not help but head to the front desk to find out more information.

“Xiao Fang, the girl that went inside just now……Ning Xi, is she a resident here?” Chang Li asked.

Xiao Fang had a polite yet awkward expression, “Miss Chang, you know that our information control is tight! We can’t disclose private information regarding people’s households!”

Chang Li quietly handed her a shopping card, “Sister, just do me a favor! I just want to know if she lives here. This is not sensitive information I’m asking for, it won’t affect you!”

Xiao Fang looked disdainfully at the shopping card. In her heart she was thinking, you have always been speaking to me in an arrogant tone, but now that you have a favour to ask, you know how to ask nicely?

She initially wanted to return the card, but then she changed her mind and accepted the card, saying, “You’re right, she lives here. Two weeks before, we received information about her registration.”

She wanted to push back, but she changed her mind and accepted the card, saying, “Yes, she is living here. We received information about her registration about two weeks ago.”

As Chang Li listens, her eyes immediately light up. “Who is the head of the household?”

Xiao Fang looking at her face knew exactly what she was thinking and said the truth, “It is registered under the Golden Age Entertainment, it must be the arrangement of the company for her to stay here!”

Chang Li was dumbfounded, “What? Are you sure you haven’t made a mistake?” She had thought she could catch Ning Xi making a mistake……

Xiao Fang replied in a relaxed tone, “How could I make a mistake? That apartment is Imperial Pearl River’s best apartment, it faces the Pearl River, and has a great view. It has always been empty until two weeks ago, when Golden Age workers came to renovate the place. The property information table is filled with her information!”

“Alright, thank you……” Chang Li replied blankly as she hurried out.

Damn, is Golden Age crazy? To actually give Ning Xi, a new starlet, such good treatment.

She then thought of her recent conversation with Ning Xi, when she said how good the apartment Starlight arranged for her was…… She was simply slapping her own face……

Seems like it is necessary to a keep a close eye on Ning Xi. She must find out, who is the person behind this slut!


With the help of Lu Ting Xiao, Ning Xi finished tidying up what should have taken the whole day in half a day.

Looking at her things that had been placed in good order, her mood became better.

After she joined Golden Age, it had always felt unreal. But at this moment, looking at her future nest, she finally gains a sense of realism.

Ning Xi took a new towel and handed it to Lu Ting Xiao. “Thanks for your help today. I’ll invite you to dinner, okay?”

No matter what, Lu Ting Xiao had a busy day helping her move, the least she could do was cook a meal for him.

“Can we dine here?” asked Lu Ting Xiao.

Ning Xi scratched her head, “Ah? I have yet to try the kitchen’s stove. And I don’t have any ingredient, I’m afraid I’m unable to cook anything….”

“No problem, you don’t have to do it. You are already very tired today.” After speaking, Lu Ting Xiao made a call. He said two words to the people on the other end of the call: “Come in.”

The next second, the doorbell rang.

Ning Xi suspiciously opened the door, and instantly jumped back in fright.

Outside the door, were people, all lined up in two rows, all dressed in uniform, holding trays filled with a variety of food.

Standing right at the front was a young man, holding a large bouquet of fresh lilies.

Lu Ting Xiao with a straight, upright posture, walked at a strong and powerful pace towards her, took the flowers from the young man, then turned and presented it to her.

“For you.”



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