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(Enticing Girls)

Ning Xi’s new residence is located at the seventh floor of Imperial Pearl River. The apartment has three rooms and one hall and it has been renovated to a simple and cozy theme. A beautiful scenery of the river could be seen from her balcony. Compared to her previous old, worn-out and small apartment, the difference was like heaven and earth.

Ning Xi, together with the help Lu Ting Xiao and his driver, took three rounds to move all the things up.

Looking at the house full of things, Ning Xi wiped her sweat, “Left with one last bag, I’ll go and get it!”

Lu Ting Xiao nodded, “En, I’ll help you tidy up.”

“Wait, I forgot something……” Ning Xi took out a long rectangular black gift box from one of the boxes.

“What is this?” Lu Ting Xiao asked.

Ning Xi gave a mysterious smile, “It is for enticing girls!”


Ning Xi took the last of her luggage and walked into the lobby. She saw a petite lady standing at the front desk poking her head out to study her, and when their eyes met, she immediately lowered her head and acted like she was busy.

Even though the front receptionist had seen many big stars before at Imperial Pearl River, and was already used to it, but recently Ning Xi was too famous, so she was still surprised to see her suddenly. Moreover, she came with a super handsome yet mysterious guy……

Ning Xi gracefully smiled at the lady, then walk towards her.

The front receptionist was surprised to see Ning Xi coming towards her and boldly asked, “You’re Ning Xi, right?”

Ning Xi nodded her head, “Yes, I just moved in today.”

After replying, she took out the black gift box from just now and handed it to her, “Nice to meet you. Here’s is a little gift for our first meeting. Please take care of me.”

“Ah……this……I cannot accept this!”

“It’s no big deal. This was from someone else, I did not spend money on it. You take it! Your lips are pretty so it will certainly look good on you!”

The lady touched her lips while blushing, “That……th……thank you!”

“You’re welcome!”

As soon as Ning Xi left, the lady immediately opened the box, a pleasantly surprised expression appeared on her face.

It was actually a set of twelve different colored lipsticks.

Wow! She really loved this brand of lipstick but couldn’t afford it. Her boyfriend was also a dumb head, everything that he had given were all sorts of strange and weird things. F***, why can’t he just give her a lipstick ah!

She did not think that Ning Xi was such a good person……

There were many big stars who had given her gifts, but none of them were sincere. All of them had an arrogant attitude and only give her a little, as if doing charity work.

None of them were like Ning Xi, who gave gifts that makes people this happy! With a look you could see that it was specially prepared!

Most people look down on workers like her, but little do they know, because of her career, she has come to know a lot of secrets……

At the lift lobby.

‘Ding-dong’, the elevator door opened.

Outside, when Ning Xi saw the person inside the elevator, her brow slightly arched. She did not think that she would coincidentally encounter Chang Li.

“Ning Xi……” At this time, Chang Li had a face full of surprised and was staring at her, then with a guarded expression, she asked, “What are you doing here?”

Ning Xi rolled her eyes, “Is your house here? Or are you the only one allowed here?”

Chang Li folded her arms across her chest and contemptuously looked Ning Xi up and down, noting that her clothes were dirty with dust, “Ha, although it is not my house, but it is not a place for someone like you to come.”

Ning Xi walked past her, directly into the elevator, and pressed the close button, “Sorry about that, but I live here.”

Hearing this, Chang Li was dumbfounded and stood rooted in place. With eyes full of suspicion, she looked at the elevator as it rose up……



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