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(Then I’ll Pull Out That Radish )

Knows the ways of the world yet still sophisticated…..

Unruly but kind and gentle……

Has been through a lot but has always maintained her pure heart……

The best girl……

Hey! This aged lady’s young girl heart ah!

Ning Xi clutched her pounding heart and almost fell to the ground.

Who doesn’t like hearing compliments from others?

Not to mention Lu Ting Xiao praise was so sincere, each word went straight to her heart and left a mark.

How had Lu Ting Xiao not found anyone and stayed without. How can his mouth be so sweet!

She looked at the big devil who was waiting for her to make her moves with a serious look.

Ning Xi really itched to kneel down and kowtow three times for him to let her off.

You are already a max level known figure, fully equipped with godly tier items, yet you need me to teach you?

Ning Xi coughed dryly then said in an earnest tone, “Boss, excuse my bluntness, but with your internal and external condition and your intelligence, you really don’t need me to teach you. If even with these conditions, the other party isn’t tempted, then there’s only one possible reason.”

Lu Ting Xiao put down his hands that were behind his forehead and looked at her, eyes slightly narrowed, “What is it?”

Ning Xi took a deep breath and said emphatically, “You’re not the type she likes!”

“Not not the type she likes……?” Along with this sentence, there was a burst of cold air from Lu Ting Xiao……

Ning Xi swallowed her saliva and attempted to withstand the devil’s sharp eyes which were like ice blades. With a knowing nod, she replied, “Yes, as the saying goes ‘No dish suits all tastes. Tastes differ. It is difficult to cater for all tastes.’* For people who likes to eat radish, no matter how perfect the vegetable is, they will never like to eat vegetable ah!”

Lu Ting Xiao rhythmically tapped the chair’s arm with his finger, went silent for three seconds, then softly said: “What if I’m positive, that I’m the radish?”

Ning Xu: “……!!!”


What do you mean that you’re positive that you are the radish?

Why are you so sure that I like you ah! Can you not be so……quick-witted……

“That……well, maybe she has other radish that she likes? Each radish has a pit itself, if the pit is already occupied by a radish, no matter how good the other radish is, naturally it wouldn’t be able to fit ah!” Ning Xi’s mouth twitched, why was she still using ‘radish’ this marvelous metaphor……

“Other radish that she likes……” Lu Ting Xiao muttered to himself, then his eyes turned cold, “Who is it?”

At this moment, the cold breeze has evolved into a tornado!!!

Ning Xi, who was right in the middle of the tornado, could not withstand it any longer, so she acted like she was admiring the scenery and tried hard to lean towards the window, and dryly laughed, “I’m not a fortune teller, how would I know ah! Anyway, I believe that it is a safer choice to stick to this status quo. Or else, if she really has someone she likes, once you confess, what will you do if you two can’t even be friends anymore?”

Lu Ting Xiao clenched his jaw, his face was frozen cold, and did not speak for a long time. Inside the car, the pressure was so low that hail might fall soon……

Right at the moment when Ning Xi was about to be suffocated by the atmosphere, Lu Ting Xiao finally spoke, he said—

“Then……I’ll pull out that radish.”

Ning Xi: “……”

Pull……pull out that radish!!!

Big brother ah, can you not use such a terrifying way to say!

She initially wanted to find someone to be her shield, but who in the world is able withstand one move from the big devil? There are not even enough people to fill a tooth gap!

So depressing, communication has failed once again……

Does that mean that the only effective method is to use her ultimate big move? Really hope that the time to use that move will never come……



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