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(Teaching The Big Devil How To Chase Girls)

Intuition told him……that this was the person that Ning Xi said despite knowing that he is very dangerous, she believes that he will never hurt her, YS……

Lu Ting Xiao dazed out as he stared at the man’s side profile for a long time. An image flashed quickly through his mind, but it was too fast, thus he did not manage to capture it.

Why did he feel that this man gave him the feeling of……being somewhat familiar?

Is he a person he knows?

“Lu Ting Xiao, I’ve almost done here. How about you?” Ning Xi asked dragging a large suitcase.

“En, i’m done.” Lu Ting Xiao quietly put the photo back.

Ten minutes later, Ning Xi was standing downstairs with large and small bags.

Then, she finally found out why Lu Ting Xiao was so sure her things would fit.

A Stretch Lincoln was parked there……


This inhuman world……

Ning Xi quickly pulled down her hat. With the quickest speed, she carefully loaded everything into the car, hopped in, and urged the driver to drive away quickly.

Because it was sudden, she did not have time to change. If she was photographed, it would definitely be big news!

Zhizhi sister had told her to be low-key around this time, her turnaround campaign had been enough. If she continued, it would overdo it, and would easily lead to public resentment.

Lu Ting Xiao seeing her concerns said, “Don’t worry. The reporters recognise the license plate number.”

The implication is that absolutely no one would dare to offend the car owner.

“Uh……okay……” she was over-worried. The big devil was always doing things without any flaws.

On the road to the new apartment, Lu Ting Xiao suddenly stopped, calling her, “Ning Xi.”

Ning Xi absently looked up and replied, “Yes? What?”

Lu Ting Xiao placed his hands behind his forehead, gazed at her and said, “I seem to remember you saying that if I want to chase someone, you can teach me.”

Ning Xi cursed in herself to death mind, scowled internally, before giving a hollow laugh, “I……did I say that? I don’t think so. Ha ha ha……”

“Yes, you did. And you said it is definitely effective. It was that day when we went to get your apartment to take the flavouring for the hotpot and you received two parcels. One of them was a birthday gift from your ex-boyfriend. You said that his method of seducing girls is too horrible, and that I shouldn’t learn from them.” Lu Ting Xiao accurately remembered and relayed all the details to remind her.

When Ning Xi heard this, she wanted to slap herself in the face. Who let you have a loose tongue! Who let you speak nonsense! You dug your own grave!

“That……you currently have a girl you want to chase?” Ning Xi could only bite the bullet and ask.

“En.” Lu Ting Xiao nodded, looking at her with eyes full of stars as if he was looking at the whole world, “So, teach me.”

F***! Teach what?!

As long as he used this look on any of the girls, they would all be at his beck and call! What else is there to chase?

There is no other way, the words that she had said, even if she cry, she will have to live up to her words.

Coughing embarrassedly, Ning Xi had an expression that she does not even know what and began teaching, “There is a saying on the internet that is not very popular: ‘If she was inexperienced in life’s riches, take her to see the best of human prosperity; if her heart has seen the vicissitudes of life, take her on a carousel ride. To that effect, you must have the right medicine for the right illness.’ May I know what type of girl you like?”

“She…” Lu Ting Xiao paused, thinking about it. A moment later, his eyes which were as cold as early morning fog began melting like snow upon touching, his mouth had a tinge of warmth, and he replied, “She knows the ways of the world yet still sophisticated. She is unruly at times but kind and gentle. She has been through a lot but has always maintained her pure heart……She is the best girl I’ve ever seen!”



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