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(The Temptation Of Costume Play)

“En, let’s go.” Lu Ting Xiao nodded and began driving towards the direction of her apartment.

Ning Xi thought she was off the hook but no, seeing as such, she panicked, “It’s alright I’ll head there by myself. I have quite a lot of things so I’ll contact the moving company to bring a truck to help me move!”

“No worries, it can fit.”

Ning Xi thinks in her heart that although this car is pretty spacious, how could it possibly fit so many things? Will it pretend to be doraemon?

But looking at Lu Ting Xiao calm and unhurried look, she feels that retorting will be inconsiderate, so she could only let him drive all the way to her apartment.

Forget it, moving the house together is already considered a safer result. At least it has totally nothing related to a romantic atmosphere.

Once they reached the apartment, Ning Xi pushed the door open. The house is coated with a layer of dust due to no one staying there for a long time. She didn’t know when the window got blown open by the wind and the floor was filled with leaves.

A burst of autumn cool breeze blew through the window. The slender figure of Lu Ting Xiao stood at the entrance, his gaze held a tinge of warmth as they slowly swept across every corner of the room.

“What’s wrong?” Ning Xi looks at him puzzledly.

“Nothing.” Lu Ting Xiao replied, withdrawing his gaze.

Although it was Starlight who arranged for her to have this small, worn-out house, this house however contains all their precious memories.

En, I’ll get someone to buy the house for me immediately when I head back.

“What do I need to do?” Lu Ting Xiao asked.

Ning Xi rubbed her head, found a huge empty box for him, then point towards a row of high bookshelves and said, “You are tall enough, can you help me put all the books from the bookshelves into this box?”

“Sure.” Lu Ting Xiao rolled up his sleeves, and begin to work.

Ning Xi look at him wearing clothes that are more expensive than this apartment. Feeling a headache, she starts to rethink her decision, and hurriedly stated, “Wait…… wait here awhile for me!”

After speaking, she rummage and found a white coat worn by doctors from somewhere and stood in front of him, “Take off that outerwear, and change into this, to prevent dust.”

Lu Ting Xiao followed what she said and took off his outwear, looking at the white coat in amazement, “Where is this from?”

“It’s a costume ah, previously there was a film group that was so poor that they could not even afford the background actors clothing, so I had to buy this myself!” Ning Xi help him put on the coat, “Luckily this coat is pretty loose fitting!”

After that, looking at Lu Ting Xiao, her breath got taken away. Unconsciously she swallowed her saliva, her face filled with wonderment.

Lu Xiao Ting wearing a white coat gives off too much of a good feeling!

This is totally the temptation of costume play!

Jesus! Even moving out of a house is not safe!

“What’s wrong?”

Ning Xi shook her head vigorously to keep her mind clear, “Nothing’s wrong…… let’s begin! I’ll go tidy up my clothes!”

“En.” Lu Ting Xiao nodded and glanced at the girls fleeing figure with a knowing look, and begin to clear the bookshelves.

Lu Ting Xiao looks as if he’s doing things leisurely and slowly, but in fact his speed is very fast, his efficiency is very high, the bookshelves were cleared after a while.

While continuing to move, a photo dropped out of a Shakespeare collection book.

Lu Ting Xiao casually pick the photo up.

With a glimpse there is a group of youngster in the photo, all of them wearing punk and heavy metal clothing. Ning Xi is standing right in the middle, short hair, wearing full black biker clothes, a face full of smiles, looking like a very handsome man.

Her hands were casually placed over a man’s shoulder and is turning her head to talk to him. Their gestures were very intimate. He should be very familiar with her.

As for the man, because he is currently turning his head to use the lighter, plus the lighting is dim, his features could not be seen clearly, only a blurred side of his face……



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