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(One-Sided Dominance)

Why would you think that I was bitten by mosquitoes?

The place that she went to was the bar! The bar! How could she be bitten by mosquitoes?

Big boss! Where is your high intelligence and logic?

But she couldn’t possibly just tell him that them these are hickeys? It will be too weird……

The plan has failed, Ning Xi grieved to the extent of wanting to die.

Meanwhile, Lu Ting Xiao put down his newspaper, got up to the TV cabinet, took out a small white bottle, and walked towards her.

Ning Xi vigilantly raised her head. Big bro, what do you want to do?

“This ointment is very effective for mosquito bites.” Lu Ting Xiao opened the bottle lid, dug out some ointment and kneaded it in his palms, then placed his warm palms onto her neck directly……

At the moment the palms got into contact, Ning Xi felt electrified as she lit up in shock, “I…I’ll do it myself!”

“Stop moving, my hands are filled with ointment.” Lu Ting Xiao stopped her, his roughed fingers slowly massaging her neck, collarbone, back, helping her absorb the medicine effect. He has a serious expression which looks as if he is carrying out a very important and crucial decision.

Due to the ointment, those places that his fingers touch feel cool, but under the skin, a fire is slowly igniting……

After a long time, Lu Ting Xiao is finally done with applying the ointment, “How is it?”

Ning Xi snapped out of her thoughts, touched the places that were bitten by mosquitoes and blinked, then said surprisedly, “This is so magical! It really doesn’t itch anymore? What kind of ointment is that? Why is it so effec….tive…”

After realising what she had just said, Ning Xi had the itch to bite off her tongue.

She unexpectedly blurted out the truth!

Looks like the premonition she had previously is absolutely true……

She has been defeated real badly……

Ning Xi miserably lowers her head, like a defeated kitten, a tone of discontent, “Lu Ting Xiao…… I drank alcohol……”

“It is alright to drink occasionally, I’ll help you keep Little Treasure in the dark about this.”

“I went to a nightclub……”

“En, it’s alright as long as you’re cautious of your safety.”

“And I did not return home!!! Lu Ting Xiao, are you not angry at all?” Ning Xi was eventually lost her tolerance.

“You wish for me to be angry?” Lu Ting Xiao calmly said, gazing into her eyes deeply.

Ning Xi eyes widened: “……!!!” She has just been checkmated!

Lu Ting Xiao helped her remove a leaf that was sticking onto her hair, “I have previously told you, that you can treat this place like your own home and do as you like.”

Then, Lu Ting Xiao suddenly paused and said, “Actually, I do not wish for you to be out alone late at night in the bar, nightclubs or any of those kind of places, because I will be very worried and lose some sleep. However, I will still respect your freedom.”

“……” Ning Xi’s chest got pierced by a cupid arrow.

Ho ho, there is no way to fight this war anymore……

The enemy is simply, One! Sided! Dominance!


From then on, Ning Xi visited the bar continuously for an entire week, yet it was totally pointless.

The only effect was……

Due to being able to continuously take care of quite a few scumbags, the entire city’s bar has become more regulated, and those that encounter pretty women are more vigilant.

Sigh……nothing is going smoothly……

Ning Xi eventually calmed down a little, and of course not forgetting to bring Little Treasure out to all kind of places to play. Therefore , they went to almost all fun places in the city.

The biggest achievement this period is that, being in Ning Xi’s company, Little Treasure’s personality has become more and more open. He is no longer scared of going out, and except for the fact that he is still unwilling to speak and is a little introvert, he is almost like a normal kid.

This is wonderful……

With this progress, she will be able to set her heart at ease when she leaves.



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