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(These Are Clearly Hickeys!)

As the place is very empty, it is impossible for the car not to be seen, thus they could only park at a faraway area.

Fortunately, Lu Jingli always brought around with him a micro-camera that is as small as a fly, and furthermore, it is an infrared camera, which means that it can be used in the dark. It is currently making whirring sounds, flying up into the sky, above Ning Xi’s head.

“Hahahaha…… brother, I told you that I would be useful if you brought me along!” Lu Jingli was so proud of himself such that you can almost see his tail wagging.

On the car screen, Ning Xi can be seen lying on the grass under the night sky, her lips are seen moving and saying something like “mosquitoes, come and bite me quickly”……

“Did sister-in-law drink too much? Why would she specially come here to feed the mosquitoes?” Lu Jingli is left speechless.

Lu Ting Xiao did not speak, seeming like the situation was not weird at all, and his attention was fully focused on the girl inside the screen……

After Ning Xi began to relax, the alcohol begins to kick in and drifted off to sleep as she closes her eyes. She could muzzily hear some rustling sound of footsteps, and the sound of mosquitoes buzzing gradually disappeared. Her body which was cold due to the night wind was covered with something warm……

The moment she felt the familiar atmosphere, the last trace of soberness she struggled to maintain had completely disappeared.

She had always been alone, and thus she never dared to be completely drunk.

She did not notice when, but there was actually a person who was able to let her feel assured when drunk.

Lu Ting Xiao helped her chase away the mosquitoes, took off his coat and covered her body, then used his arm as a pillow to support her head, to prevent the grass from cutting her.

The girl clutched his clothes, and slept soundly. Although the makeup on her face was very thick, the innocent look of her sleeping face made her look like a naive pure child, that people could not help but feel sorry for……

When Ning Xi woke up, the sky was marble white. Looking at the time, it was already five thirty.

She merely closed her eyes for a while, but unexpectedly slept this long?

Ning Xi patted her butt and got up, then looked at her body, and surprisingly found out that there were not many mosquito bites, but they were just enough to be used……

She thought that her body would be filled with mosquito bites for sleeping so long. If it was like that, it would be too exaggerated, causing the effect to be not as great as it should be.

There was something else that felt really strange too. It was currently the start of autumn, and the place was at the riverbank, but when she woke up, her body felt soothingly warm, with no trace of coldness.

Maybe the reason was because she drank too much?

Half an hour later, Ning Xi went back to the Lu house.

The time happened to be six o’clock. In the living room, Lu Ting Xiao was just as usual, a veteran officer look, currently drinking tea and reading the newspaper.

So far, it was going smoothly.

“Lu Ting Xiao, morning!” Ning Xi walks into the room, and took the initiative to say hello.

“Morning, you are back.” Lu Ting Xiao lifted his head from the newspaper.

Ning Xi secretly observed Lu Ting Xiao’s expression, then realized that it was too difficult to observe the expression of a person with facial paralysis.

Most of the time, he is expressionless, as it is at the moment.

Ning Xi did not give up, sat down on the opposite sofa, and even touched her neck deliberately.

Sitting this near he should be able to notice, right?

Indeed, Lu Ting Xiao’s eyes were wandering at the ambiguous red marks on her neck and bare skin, and soon afterward, his frown deepened.

Ning Xi pretended as if she did not notice it, and yawned, “So sleepy, it was dead tiring!”

“Why is your body bitten by mosquitoes to this state?” Lu Ting Xiao asked.

“Pff……cough cough cough……” Ning Xi was almost choked to death by her own saliva.


In a situation where I dressed up like this to a nightclub then coming home only in the morning, as a normal adult, seeing all these ambiguous marks, shouldn’t the first thing that pops up be hickeys?



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