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(Breaking The Superstition Of The Big Devil)

After looking for a while, Ning Xi put on a silver sequined camisole, tight leather pants, and five inch heels. She then put on so much smoky makeup, her own mother wouldn’t recognize her.

People know that at midnight Cinderella put on a gorgeous dress and drove her pumpkin carriage to the palace to see the prince. She on the other hand, does her makeup in the middle of the night, and heads to nightclubs to escape from the big devil……


These past two days Lu Ting Xiao has been busy, at this time he should be awake, right?

Ning Xi went to the balcony, in the direction of the study and sure enough, Lu Ting Xiao is still in there with the desk lamp lit.

So, she decisively ran and knocked on the door.

She is trying to flash him, blind his eyes!

Bang bang bang. There were three knocks on the door, a pause as footsteps approached, then the door opened.

Lu Ting Xiao expecting to see people outside, looks slightly startled, “You……”

“I had a friend ask me out to drink so I came over to tell you!” Ning Xi said, looking forward to Lu Ting Xiao’s reaction.

Lu Ting Xiao’s look of surprise disappears and he nodded as if not noticing her exaggerated outfit, “Well, have fun!”

Having said that, he continued, “I don’t need to ask the driver to take you right?”

Ning Xi just stared blankly, “Well…no. I planned on riding my bike…”she took a deep breath to cheer up then turned to leave.

Lu Ting Xiao suddenly came towards her.

What does he want?

Ning Xi subconsciously took a step back, but still did not escape Lu Ting Xiao’s hand. His fingers touched her earlobes and gently squeezed.

Ning Xi’s body hairs stood up one by one, and her dazed look landed on Lu Ting Xiao.

Lu Ting Xiao’s mouth is crooked imperceptibly and he points to the spot where he touched, “You have a little black mole here”

“So?” What does her mole have to do with anything?

Ning Xi’s brain is already in chaos, she is simply unable to comprehend his current logic

“You are wearing this outfit and makeup so although most people won’t recognize you, this mole is very iconic and completely exposed. It’s best if you cover

it.” Lu Ting Xiao said.

Ning Xi stood two steps away and said, “It’s only a mole. No one will be paying attention to it?”

“Just be careful.”

“Well you’re not being unreasonable. I will go and put on some large earrings to cover it up!”


After the brief confrontation, Ning Xi finally strode away from the door.

The round has only just begun, so how has she already lost this badly?

No, No, No! She has to break the superstition of the big devil!


The bar.

Ning Xi was enjoying the rare indulgence of sitting by herself at a bar, ordering a bottle of wine, and pouring it at your own discretion.

She was holding her glass and staring disinterestedly at the dance floor, full of people dancing morbidly.

Nightclubs and bars, from all her years abroad are no longer fresh and new to her. The fervent displays that she sees are no longer funny to her……

A bottle of wine in her belly, Ning Xi also ordered a second bottle.

The alcohol did not let her relax, but made her even more upset.

At this time, a man carrying a glass of wine in his hand came over her, “Miss, need a man?”

The man looks like he is more than 30 years old, is dressed, looks, and acts like an elite.

In the time, it took her to drink her bottle of wine, there have been a lot of men who noticed her at the bar. But Ning Xi has the look of a veteran, most of the people didn’t dare take a shot at her.



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