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( The look of a dog)

“I didn’t do anything” Lu Ting Xiao Answered, face expressionless as if nothing is strange.

“Then is my sixth sense having problems.” Lu Jingli said scratching his head,

“That’s impossible……”

Finally, the meal is over.

Ning Xi felt that this meal was more tiring than usual. She always had to be alert to the enemy’s attack.

After dinner, Ning Xi immediately stood up and grabbed the plates, “I want to do the dishes!”

Lu Jingli grabbed the last piece of sweet and sour pork and stuffed it into his mouth, standing up and announcing, “I’ll do it!”

“No No! I’ll wash it! I have to wash it!” Ning Xi quickly was quick to grab the job, something she didn’t not like doing in the past.

Lu Jingli looked at Lu Ting Xiao’s face and quickly said, “You worked so hard to cook, how can I also let you do the dishes! I definitely ate most of it, I will wash it!”

Lu Jingli’s eyes flashed to Lu Ting Xiao for approval.

As a result, Lu Ting Xiao leisure glanced at him and said, “Let Ning Xi do it”

“Ah what…….” Lu Jingli said shocked.

Has the sun risen from the west?

He is actually letting his wife, Ning Xi do the dishes?

This is unscientific!

Lu Jingli is puzzling over this when Lu Ting Xiao looked at him and faintly said, “After all, you are a guest.”

Lu Jingli is stunned, pointed to himself and said, “What??? I am a guest???”

The implication is basically that Ning Xi is part of the family right? When did he become the guest?

On the side, Ning cheeks reddened, an embarrassed expression on her face as she kissed Little Treasure’s forehead, then thump thump fled up the stairs.

Little Treasure looked confused at his suddenly fleeing aunty. Although he doesn’t know what happened to her, he knew that his papa bullied her so he stared unhappily at Lu Ting Xiao before Deng Deng Deng (toddled) with his little short legs up the stairs, trying to keep up.

Lu Jingli was so caught off guard, he looked like a dog whose face got sprayed with a meal, unable to keep up.

Watching Ning Xi’s feeling back, he turned blank faced towards Lu Ting Xiao and said, “Brother, what do you mean you didn’t do anything. Little XiXi who is so sturdy has turned her face away and fled! I knew my sixth sense couldn’t be wrong! I told you that in the end, your actions would get you in trouble! You were so careful everyday so your secret wouldn’t get out and all of a sudden you became so bold. Whatever the outcome, you need to tell me so I can know what to do in the future ah….” Lu Jingli annoyingly chatters like a monkey for a long time

Finally, Lu Ting Xiao told him three words, “Wash the dishes”. Having said this, he turned and glided away.

Lu Jingli “……” he was so severely disregarded he could vomit blood, and finally he was told to wash the dishes?

His brother used him to show affection then tossed him away? Isn’t it inhumane? What happened to brotherly love?

Ning Xi, having a quiet night, lay on her bed with her eyes wide open.

It’s been a couple hours but her heart is still beating abnormally fast.

What the hell!

She was actually experience so many emotional storm waves and panic just because of a man’s words. She was almost like a frightened deer, or a teenage girl without any love experience……

She can almost imagine what the future will be like……No, no, no, she cannot sit still and allow this to continue to go on!

At this time, the chime of “despair” is heard. The clock has hit twelve o’clock.

Ning Xi quickly hopped up and quickly began to rummage through her drawer……



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