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(He Really Played Me)

Even after Lu Ting Xiao had been gone for a long time, Ning Xi still stood stock still in a daze. She unconsciously rubbed her fingers on the just kissed spot on her forehead before blushing furiously……

Although it was just a kiss on her forehead, and even though she stole a kiss from him, this is the first time both sides are awake and aware of the kiss.

At this moment, Ning Xi finally understood.

Lu Ting Xiao has already figured out her strategy, so he decided to change his strategy!

If he continues to act the way he did before it would be fine, but if he decided not to hide his feelings, what can she do?

F****! Ruined!

He really played me!

If they end up choosing to go into a relationship, then there is only one result, a break up or something even worse……

Ning Xi was feeling distraught, when suddenly she felt her trousers being tugged. Looking down, she saw Little Treasure looking at her.

“Little Treasure……” Ning Xi saw that in his small hands, he was holding a water color picture, “So fast, did you draw it?”

Little Treasure nodded shyly then looked at her.

Ning Xi’s plans for the future were to take Little Treasure out on trips like yesterday. She had already arranged today’s trip of going with Little Treasure to go make and fly your own kite.

After seeing Little Treasure’s painting, Ning Xi is a little surprised. “You drew this…” with the exception of her, little treasure rarely painted portraits.

He always did landscapes, but a person has never appeared until now. In this picture, Ning Xi discovered that this painting had three people.

It was a picture of the sky with clouds floating around. Sitting on the clouds are the three people; a man, a woman, and a little boy in the middle.

It’s still an abstract painting, but looking at it from a character’s point of view, Ning Xi could recognize that the people were her, Lu Ting Xiao, and Little Treasure.

Before, Little Treasure never painted Lu Ting Xiao. Even when painting her, it would be her alone, or the two of them together, never with Lu Ting Xiao.

This is the first time Little Treasure had painted Lu Ting Xiao and Ning Xi…….

Looking at it, Ning Xi was slightly startled but she quickly returned to her usual self and pulled the little buns hand, “Come let’s go. We are flying kites today! The grandfather butler should have helped us prepare the bamboo skeleton!” the little bun nodded, but his expression seemed a bit disappointed.


Ning Xi accompanied Little Treasure all day as he played with the kite. At night, she personally went to the kitchen.

Two days ago, she ate without Little Treasure, then came back late and had been hiding in her room. That move clearly no longer works, so there’s no need for her to continue.

She prepared the meal, and Lu Jingli like a dog, came by following his nose and was practically wagging his tail.

“Wow oh wow! ~ My favorite sister-in-law…..cough cough I mean Little XiXi, I have been waiting until you decided to cook again!”

Ning Xi looked at Lu Jingli in disbelief. This guy just called her sister-in-law, right?

“Call your brother down to eat!”

“Oh Yes!” Lu Jingli hurriedly ran out, his heart full of suspicion. He had slipped and accidentally called Ning Xi sister-in-law and she didn’t react? Did she not hear it?

At the dinner table, Lu Jingli with his keen intuition felt that something was wrong…

“Something is wrong hmmm hmmm……”, Lu Jingli biting his chopsticks leaned towards his brothers’ ear and whispered. “Brother, what did you do to Little XiXi? Look at how she’s looking? She simply afraid to look at you!”



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