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(Let Me Hold You For A While)

Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh my goodness!

What is this situation?

Ning Xi’s brain, as if invaded by a virus is completely garbled. When she finally awakens from the confusion, her first reaction is to push him away.

As a result, Lu Ting Xiao tightened his arms around her, his voice in her ear sounds as if he is pitiful, “Don’t move. Please let me hold you for a little while……?

Ning Xi: “……………” this request, how was she supposed to answer it?

Damn. In the end, what does Lu Ting Xiao want?

Although she deliberately avoided him the past two day, she’s been careful to do it in a way that wouldn’t arouse suspicion. Why was he suddenly……

Ten seconds passed……

Thirty seconds passed……

A minute passed……

Three minutes passed……

This is past a little while! This…he is taking advantage of the situation!

Seeing that Ning Xi can’t stand it anymore, Lu Ting Xiao let her go, “Sorry, my mistake”

Ning Xi swallowed, “Okay, all right all right” F***, he almost scared her heart to death, is he finally done?

Sadly, she couldn’t even say no!

Lu Ting Xiao looked at the girls disgruntled expression, smiling internally. There is a happy twinkle in his eye that goes undetected. “Good night. Make sure to go to bed early.”

“Oh, good night. You have a good night…” What about her? She wouldn’t sleep tonight!


The next morning.

Sure enough, she really didn’t sleep the whole night. Ning Xi had been hiding in bed, and didn’t dare get up.

Finally, she secretly gave Wan Wan a phone call.

Ning Xi: “Wan Wan, did your young master go to work?”

Wan Wan: “No! But the young master has been very busy! From the moment he woke up, the phone has been ringing. His assistant Cheng also hurried over and asked the young master when he wanted to go to work……”

“And then?”

“Then the young master still did not go ah! He has just been sitting downstairs! I don’t know what he’s waiting for……”

Ning Xi: “……”

It seems I won’t be able to hide!

Ning Xi took several deep breaths, adjusted her mental state, and placed an indestructible mask of calmness before heading downstairs.

She saw Lu Ting Xiao sitting on one side of the sofa. The other side, assistant Cheng is holding a lot of files towards Lu Ting Xiao, but he didn’t dare appear to be forcing Lu Ting Xiao.

Ning Xi stretched lazily while walking down the steps. When she saw that Lu Ting Xiao was downstairs, she deliberately looked surprised. “Hey Lu Ting, it’s this late already. How come you are not going to work?”

Lu Ting Xiao hearing her voice, lifted his eyes and gently looked at her as if wrapping her in a ball of yarn…..”I was waiting for you”

Ning Xi’s face fell slack, “………”

How did she suddenly find herself with no way to reply to Lu Ting Xiao.

Just as Ning Xi is still baffled, Lu Ting Xiao started walking towards her.

Ning Xi wanted to reflexively go back and hide, but the man’s eyes were like an invisible force that held her in place, making her unable to move.

A moment passed, and Lu Ting Xiao is standing in front of her, his large palm touching her hair.

Lu Ting Xiao: “If I left now, I wouldn’t see you all day”

Ning Xi continued to look blankly, “……”

“I’m heading to work” Lu Ting Xiao said, leaning forward and placing a kiss on her forehead.

Ning Xi: “…….” She completely crashed.

Behind them, Assistant Cheng Feng looks like a dog’s stunned expression, then blushing, he turned his face away from her.



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