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(The Instigation Is A Failure)

Su Yan seeing Ning Xi’s eyes felt as if his heart was being gnawed on by aphids. He quickly grabbed Ning Xuelo, “Xuelo, you need to calm down.”

Ning Xuelo did not notice Ning Xi’s little trick and cried, tears trickling down. “Yan brother, I need to say something to my sister about it. You know how painful these days have been for me and that I’m remorseful. I really hope she can forgive me! Otherwise I’ll really……” (die? Feel free)

Su Yan really didn’t know what to do. Looking at the heart broken woman, sobbing her heart out in his arms, his heart softened. “Ning Xi, sorry. Xuelo is really blaming herself.”

Ning Xuelo smiled internally when she heard his words. On the surface she appeared even sadder, but was secretly looking forward to Ning Xi’s reaction.

In the past, anytime she begged for forgiveness, Ning Xi would be very angry, saying terrible things which caused Su Yan to her more each time.

This time certainly……

Ning Xi frowned a bit, then sighed, “Well Ning Xuelo, I saw your apology (the post) and also received it. Since it’s a misunderstanding, just forget it. I forgive you.”

“You…what did you say?” Ning Xuelo’s face instantly changed, as if she couldn’t

believe it.

Su Yan is very pleased, “Xuelo, you can rest assured now right?”

Ning Xuelo cannot say a word, her face turning black.

On the other side, the dressing room door opened, and Little Treasure came out in the new set of clothes.

Ning Xi’s hypocritical mask immediately fell off, her face flashing with true warmth as she smiled and walked to pick him up, then said to the clerk, “We’ll take all the clothes and he’ll wear this one directly.”

“Good,good.” The clerk replied with a smile “I’ll go and get your bill.”

Ning Xi nodded to Su Yan, then holding Little Treasure, walked away.

Behind, a bodyguard dressed in black payed the bill, then carried the bag out.

Watching this scene, Ning Xuelo looked dumbfounded, then her face quickly changed to one of excitement.

“Last time, Fang Lin and Xuan Xuan said that they saw Ning Xi buying children’s clothes but I didn’t believe it! Sister she…..did she really marry an old man and give him a son…..”

Unfortunately, they left too fast and she did not have time to see the child’s face or take a picture as evidence……

“Xuelo! Stop this nonsense!” Su Yan immediately interrupted her, his tone serious while his eyes looked in the direction of Ning Xi.

Su Yan: “I have seen this child once. Ning Xi said he was the son of a friend!”

Ning Xuelo replied hurriedly, “Yan brother, you are too naive. Just the son of a friend and she has bodyguards following? She used a black card just now. How many people need a bodyguard for their children.”

Su Yan face showed a hint of hesitation and struggle, as he couldn’t decide what to think. He then replied in a firm voice, “Xuelo, in my heart Ning Xi is my little sister. To insult her is to insult me! Don’t let me hear that! Others may doubt her but we can’t, alright?”

Ning Xuelo never expected that Su Yan would say this kind of thing. His attitude towards Ning Xi had undergone such a big change.

Damn, that day in the hospital. Ning Xi, in the end, did you feed him a magic potion? Su Yan suddenly believed Ning Xi, and even her words aren’t heard……



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