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(Avoiding Ones’ Enemy)

Half a month of holiday cannot be wasted. The next day, Ning Xi planned on taking Little Treasure out.

“Miss Xi, do you not want to wait for young master to come home from work and go out with you?” The old housekeeper asked. He finally couldn’t stand it, and tentatively became a matchmaker.

Ning Xi scratched her head, “Forget it, he is very busy! We’ll just go by ourselves.

Now is not the time for her to go looking for Lu Ting Xiao, how can she also wait for him to come back from work ……

“Well, let the bodyguards follow you. On young masters account , the little master’s security cannot be sloppy.” The old housekeeper said, pointing to three bodyguards in black sunglasses.

This is a reasonable request.

Ning Xi can only agree.

So now she doesn’t need to find Jiang Muye to be the driver……

Why does she feel that Lu Ting Xiao set this up deliberately?

Today, Ning Xi planned on going out with Little Treasure to buy him toys and clothes. Of course, because she hadn’t started working, she hadn’t been paid yet. There was no choice but to bring Lu Ting Xiao’s card.

When shopping, she accidentally discovered a newly opened store that had very cute children’s clothes. She quickly went into her buying everything mode.

“Darling darling, this set also looks good. Try it on quickly!”

Little Treasure nodded, and obediently went into the dressing room.

Ning Xi is outside the dressing room, passing the little bun clothes when suddenly, she sees two familiar figures entering the shop.

Ning Xuelo is holding Su Yan’s hand, and the two are speaking to each other.

Ning Xuelo: “Next month is Fang Lin’s son’s birthday, right? We should buy some clothes as gifts.”

“Yes” Su Yan replied, his expression saying he had no idea who Fang Lin’s son was

“Fang Lin’s son, you don’t remember him? He’s white and fat and is really cute.

Yan brother, if we had a son, would he also be cute?” Ning Xuelo asked him shyly

“Probably” Su Yan replied perfunctorily, signaling his disinterest.

Ning Xuelo’s face fell, “Yan brother, are you still mad at me? I’ve made a public apology on the microblog, and you personally heard Cui Caijing explain it. As for the phone call, I did it because you suddenly ignored me. I drank a little wine, my heart was really anxious so I said a lot words I didn’t mean……I regret it till I could die……” (please die then)

“Ning Xi……”

Ning Xuelo is explaining, then out of Su Yan’s mouth comes Ning Xi’s name. Following his line of sight, she saw that Ning Xi stood by a row of hangers across from them.

Ning Xuelo: “My sister……”

Ning Xuelo’s eyes immediately became wet and immediately rushed towards Ning Xi taking her hand, “My sister, I finally got to see you! I’ve been trying to apologize to you, but these days you have been ignoring me and don’t take my phone calls. I don’t know where you live……when you asked me before, I said I didn’t believe you but I know that it’s a misunderstanding. There’s no way you could do that kind of thing! Now that the truth is out, although there is damage to you, I am also a victim. Really, because of me, you got hurt and I’m sorry! Really sorry! You can scold me or hit me as long as you forgive me!”(Mortal Kombat voice: Finish her!)

Ning Xuelo’s words can be described as smooth and sincere, making it sound like

Ning Xi was an unreasonable bully to her.

In the past, Ning Xi was not as sharp in verbal wars. She glanced at Su Yan, directing a tired and helpless glance his way.



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