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(Forced to Failure)

-Jiang Muye continued to be listless. He didn’t regain his spirit until it was time to eat the food.

At least Ning Xi was capable of making good food. It was just barbeque, but tasted so good when she made it.

He noticed that Little Treasure was watching him very hard in addition to helping Ning Xi. He even personally handed him a plate full of meat.

Jiang Muye is simply flattered.


He found out that Ning Xi hadn’t exaggerated.

This guy is really good, it’s so pleasing! It’s no wonder Ning Xi spoiled him…….

Really it’s too unfair. It’s just a simple genetic mutation but why did Lu Ting Xiao give birth to such a lovely son?

Jiang Muye while eating his meat was deep in thought.

Before every day, he had to see Lu Ting Xiao posting in the group message, showing off the love. Now it was his turn to show off.

Jiang Muye secretly laughed a few times, before sneakily grabbing his phone and took a picture of Ning Xi’s back against the sun. he then posted it in the chat captioning it [Making waves! Autumn outing~]

With Lu Ting Xiao eyesight, he would certainly recognize who’s back it was!

Soon the members began to comment:

[Wow! She’s on point ah! Just from seeing the back, it’s clear that she is certainly beautiful! ]

[Jiang Muye, you have no sense of responsibility! Give us a full look!]

[Show us the front too! Don’t be stingy!]

[She looks very young? Is she an adult? Jiang Muye you better not be doing anything illegal?]


After a while, Lu Jingli also came out:

Lu Jingli: [Crying! Barbecue looks delicious! There are chicken wings, as well as grilled fish … … little bastard, you’re eating delicious food and actually didn’t call me, your uncle! ]

Lu Jingli focus of attention was… … really is different from ordinary people


After waiting for a long time, the person who he was really waiting for finally appeared. He quickly refreshed to view the latest information.

Jiang Muye hurriedly clicked to see Lu Ting Xiao’s reply. When he saw the results, his face just turned black……

Lu Ting Xiao reply was one sentence: [Do not let Little Treasure eat too much, he’s been a bit overweight recently.]

Fuck! How did Lu Ting Xiao know that Little Treasure was there?

Jiang Muye repeatedly looked at the picture until he finally found where the problem was.

In the photo, reflected in the river is the image of Little Treasure……

What great eyes! His eyes are too good!

Jiang Muye forced into failure, like a defeated rooster who dubly ran back.

He then looks over and sees Ning Xi is on the phone.

“Who is that on the phone?” Jiang Muye casually asked.

“Sister Zhizhi ah ~” Ning Xi answered in a slightly familiar tone. Ning Xi had replaced the more formal Lin Zhizhi and now called her Zhizhi called her sister Zhizhi

Jiang Muye drank his fruit juice, “What a sharp change!

“My agent is Lin Zhizhi! What difference does it make?” Ning Xi replied

Jiang Muye immediately spewed out all the juice he drank, “Who did you say?”

“Lin Zhizhi, Leng Manyun’s old agent! Did you not see my press conference? Your reaction shouldn’t be this slow” Ning Xi said, looking at him disdainfully.

“I know what the resultsare, you ass! Lin Zhizhi, why is your agent Lin Zhizhi?”

He was already upset knowing that Ning Xi signed onto Golden Age. But he only casually understood the situation. He didn’t bother to see who Lu Ting Xiao actually assigned as an agent. He didn’t expect that it would be such a big bomb!

Ning Xi puzzled, “Why can’t it be Lin Zhizhi? Why are you so excited? Is she your ex-girlfriend?”


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