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(Into The (Emotional Fans ) Frying Pan)

After the press conference, the netizens anger reached an unprecedented height:

[Starlight is doing a wonderful job, block that slut. (referring to Ning Xi)]

[Doing something wrong and being so arrogant. ‘I was drunk!’, unfortunately the world doesn’t have such convenient excuses!]

[Why do you all curse Ning Xi? I want someone to stand up and hit her!]

[I think Ning Xi benefited too much from Ning Xuelo’s benevolence. She should take her directly to court!](remember N-Xuelo was “injured”)

[Behind Ning Xi is a sinful master who is only an expert in seeking flesh (basically calling her a slut)]

… …

Not only that, as long as someone tried to defend Ning Xi, everyone would flock to attack that person. As a result, no one dared to offer a different opinion.

Ning Xuelo was clearly in a hurry to suppress her so that she couldn’t stand up.

Ning Xi refreshed her feed and found something was wrong. Her microblog was suddenly buzzing like crazy. The comments on her page began skyrocketing…

Uh, what happened?

Her cell phone screen went black several times before Ning Xi could reopen it, and then she understood what happened.

Just now, Lu Jingli had made a post –

Little Koi Prince: Welcome to the new students joining our Golden Entertainment Family ~ @NingXi

FML! Ning Xi could not help but stare, thinking her eyes were seeing wrong.

Isn’t Lu Jingli too much of a high profile character?

As soon as this post came out, the whole microblogging community blew up as all the users flock to this post.

[I can’t believe what I’m seeing! Ning Xi that slut actually went to Golden Age Entertainment?]

[I do not believe it! I do not believe it! I do not believe it! My cute Little Koi Prince must have been hacked! That’s what definitely happened!]

[What! Golden Age Entertainment’s reputation in the industry is notoriously good. How could they sign the despicable slut Ning Xi?]

[If this is true, then Golden Age Entertainment is going downhill. In this life, I’ll never go see Golden Age’s Artists!]

[Originally Jingli had quite a good reputation. I would have never imagined that he is this kind of person. Too disappointing signing such a bad person. Why would you want to sign that type of a person? Is it because she’s beautiful?]

[Shit! Ning Xi, that slut, better not sleep with my Little Koi god! Don’t stop me! I’m going to kill her!]

……Ning Xi knew regardless of any help, this is what would happen…Why was Lu Jingli so impatient? Why couldn’t he wait until after the press conference and announce it? This was professional suicide!!

Seeing the extreme outrage, even other Golden Age artists’ microblogs were starting to become targets for insults. Ning Xi was thinking what would be Golden Age’s next step when she saw a post. She just stared dumbfoundedly, not knowing what to say or do.

What she saw was just simply too unexpected…

She was surprised to see Lu Ting Xiao re-blog a post from Lu Jingli.

Lu Ting Xiao’s microblog is mostly full of generic, formulaic things; such as the anniversary of the group, setting up a new department, the completion of any major project, or some professional economic theory that people cannot understand……..

Even so, Lu Ting Xiao had a lot of fans. God, even if it’s half a year before updates, or he just posts advertisement, there’s a large amount people chasing after him.

Before, he had always been only concerned about the company’s events, but now Lu Ting Xiao had not only re-blogged Lu Jingli’s post but also added some words: Welcome to Ning Xi.

This time, the fans’ emotions aren’t so simple, causing the micro-blogging traffic to instantly

spike. The system immediately overloaded and crashed for several minutes before resuming…



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